Life after lockdown

This post contains gifted press samples.

As lockdown restrictions start to ease off in Scotland, I thought another little update might be timely after posting about lockdown in March and May. How is life right now, for me? Actually, it’s pretty bloody good.

First things first – I am always, always conscious that many people have suffered during lockdown on varying levels. I never mean for my posts or updates to come over insensitively, I just want to share parts of my life that make me happy, in the hope that it brings you a little piece of joy too. I hope that you and your loved ones are all well and happy.

So, what did June bring for me? Some nice and some not-so-nice weather, a glorious 38th birthday, a happy Father’s Day for my family and a busy and motivating month at work. For the most part, July has also been good to me and as we move slowly but surely through the phases of lockdown being lifted, I am finding a bit of happiness in little things like my kids being able to play in the park, being able to spend time with my extended family and my friends, and even short trips to shops like Marks & Spencer (I needed new pants, badly!) and Dunelm (for a click and collect). These little things we took for granted now feel like the biggest of treats. That said, I also want to hold on tight to these precious moments at home with my husband, and my children. I love being here for them when they come home from their childminder is incredibly special and I know in years to come I will remember these days fondly.

As we move through the summer months at a rapid pace I am conscious that life is moving on, that people want to get back to some sort of normal, back to pubs and shops and restaurants and gyms and swimming and holidays, and all of the stuff that makes us happy as human beings. It brings me feelings of excitement and trepidation. I don’t know quite how I feel about it all really, all I know is that my mind is conflicted. One minute I want to go out to dinner or lunch and the next I want us all to stay home that little bit longer.

We can’t live our lives at home, never going anywhere, forever. Our physical and mental wellbeing can’t cope, nor can the economy. But I will take this next phase of life slowly and carefully as I follow hygiene advice.

Meantime, mornings at the beach and afternoons in the garden will be my preferred activities, with the odd outing here and there to shops and restaurants. All the while wearing gorgeous dresses because one thing lockdown has taught me is to wear the dress – saving it for best pleases no one.

I’m wearing:

Dress, Jaki (this one is sold out but they do have some left in store so contact them directly, and I’ve linked all of their Aztec dresses here)
Hat, Mad Hatter Books in Burford
Feather necklace, Lily Blanche Jewellery
Dragonfly necklace, Alex Monroe
Disc bracelet, John Lewis
Chain bracelet, gift for my 16th birthday


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