My haircare routine with Philip Kingsley

It’s finally here – my haircare routine!

In May I met with a Philip Kingsley trichologist virtually to discuss my hair concerns (thinning, hair loss, and brittle) and come up with a plan. I had spoken with two GPs about hormones and hair loss and although they offered great advice and support, they didn’t get down to a level of investigating my blood results for optimum levels for hair health. You see, even if your blood results come back as ‘normal’ for your body, they might not be ‘normal’ for your hair because it needs different levels for optimum health. Realising my GP couldn’t provide further investigation, I approached Philip Kingsley to see if they’d be interested in working with me to try and address my hair concerns.

Since that first virtual trichologist appointment at the Philip Kingsley clinic, I’ve stuck to the plan, using the products as recommended and washing my hair every second day instead of twice a week to ensure my scalp is clean. On wash days, I now spend around 1-2 minutes using my fingers to really massage the shampoo into my scalp, letting it run the length of my hair so that the focus is on scalp hygiene and stimulation rather than just soaping up the hair in general. Once a week I use the famous and brilliant Elasticizer hair mask which hydrates my naturally curly and very dry hair – it’s easy to understand how one is sold every minute – and the Density Stimulating Scalp mask once a fortnight, which is designed to balance the scalp and support healthy hair growth.

I was also advised by my trichologist that I should eat more protein in the morning and at lunchtime, particularly being a woman over 40 when muscle mass begins to reduce and in turn, our hair – which is made of the protein keratin – needs to be supported with a higher protein in take for optimum health. The Philip Kingsley gelatin (protein) supplement once a day was also sent to me, which I took once a day. I now have eggs for breakfast, and a high protein lunch, instead of my old go-to breakfast of yoghurt and berries and a standard lunchtime sandwich.

After five months of following the treatment plan and using the Philip Kingsley products I see a visible difference in the health of my hair. It’s fuller, stronger and grows faster than it used to. I see much less hair fall and I think this a lot to do with the scalp stimulation and the scalp drops, which I used less of for a month or so and in turn noticed more hair falling out in the shower and on my brush. I immediately started the daily application again, and it is fine to apply to dry hair without risk of it becoming oily.

The products I was ‘prescribed’ and have been using since May are:

SDB Shampoo*
Moisture Balancing Conditioner
Tonic # 3* for hair growth around the hairline
Density scalp drops to slow hair loss
Elasticizer to condition, hydrate and reduce breakage
Density Stimulating Scalp mask to balance the scalp and support healthy hair growth
Frizz Fighting Gloss to smooth
Gelatin protein supplements*

* clinic only products, but there are alternatives on the website available

The products I would recommend most, which might be helpful for those on a budget:

Scalp drops
Frizz Fighting Gloss

And remember to look out for discount codes and sales, which Philip Kingsley share fairly regularly.

I’d highly recommend upping your morning and lunchtime protein intake, focusing on your scalp when washing, and using the scalp drops and taking a supplement as recommended by a trichologist / GP.

However, please remember that this is my personal experience and yours will probably be different to mine, so it’s worthwhile chatting to your GP as well as doing your own research. I can’t recommend the Philip Kinglsey clinic and trichologists highly enough and if you have serious hair concerns, please do reach out to the clinic reception team who are so friendly and really helpful. I’m also more than happy to chat about my experience here in the comments or via Instagram DMs.

This blog post is in partnership with Philip Kingsley and the experience, appointments and products have been provided in exchange for coverage on this blog and my Instagram account. Thank you for your support.

These photos were taken at the end of the summer, around three months after starting my treatment with Philip Kingsley. I’ve since had it cut!


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