Life right now

I thought it was about time for a wee life update. It’s been a while since I last posted about life in general and, these days, life is really, really good. And for that I am grateful.

Work is good, my blogging has taken a backseat since having Kittie and that’s okay. I can’t do it all. But I love blogging so I will continue to write whenever I can, and that means if and when inspiration strikes! There is little time to think about anything other than the daily grind right now but that’s also okay. My home life is my priority, and my work at the university is keeping me busy with a very exciting project on top of all the other things we do. That, teamed with Coronavirus comms management means we are working harder than ever right now. But again, I like it that way.

Things at home are good too. My husband and I are often like ships passing in the night, but we are finally entering a place where we can make a bit more time for each other, now that Kittie is approaching the 18-month mark and routine is settling into a much more manageable, regular scene. That said, he’s about to start a new job – so perhaps we will have to wait a bit longer to really get more quality time!

Aside from chicken pox, Nathan is great and chattering away to us about everything important to three-year-olds. Thanks to being stuck at home for a few days, he’s discovered Disney’s The Jungle Book and is somewhat obsessed with Baloo and friends. Who can blame him? After all these years, I still find my hips moving to the beat of I Wanna Be Like You.

Kittie, meanwhile, is discovering all the great joys in life such as racing up and down the length of the living room, nursery rhymes, and dairy-free chocolate crispy cakes made by granny. Her milk intolerance is still a thing as far as we know (she can’t try dairy until she’s nearer two years old) but it isn’t holding her back in any way.

Both kids are wonderful – they’re bright, funny, loving and so very sweet. Their innocence and oblivion to themselves and the way they look makes me wish that we held onto that as adults, and makes me afraid for their futures within this digital era in a planet that is defending itself against the very people who should be protecting it.

So to conclude this rambling, in a nutshell, life is amazing. But life outside my bubble is weird – it’s uncertain and worrying and yet it goes on. Who knows what the rest of March and April will bring. Things are changing rapidly, and yet nothing really changes at all.

Throughout all of this I continue to consume flat whites, get outdoors, and enjoy the odd purchase (facials, jeans, whatever) to treat myself here and there.

How are you?

What I’m Wearing

coat, Zara
jumper, Coast
jeans, Dr Denim
watch, Rotary at Livingston Designer Outlet (bought with a voucher as part of a paid project)
boots, Office
bag, Mulberry at Bicester Village (bought with a further 10% VIP discount)


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  1. Adele 13th March 2020 / 17:32

    Your pic has just reminded me I left my travel mug at the Airbnb – nooooo!!! Good to hear life is going well for you and I wish more people wrote about this subject. It helps to raise the energy of the Internet!

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