Life right now

I thought it was about time for a wee life update. It’s been a while since I last posted about life in general and, these days, life is really, really good. And for that I am grateful. Work is good, my blogging has taken a backseat since having Kittie and that’s okay. I can’t do… View Post

The 2020 puffer coat

Here we are, firmly into a new year – a new decade – that is 2020. It sounds futuristic, but the irony is that the future hasn’t been a priority for us and we now find ourselves in a state of turmoil around the world. This space isn’t for preaching or for politics so I… View Post

Winter Mornings

These cold winter mornings, oh how they look so pretty when you’re snuggled up in bed all toasty warm. But most days we can’t lay around daydreaming and, actually, we need to get up. But, oh, what an effort it can be! Throwing back the blankets invites goose bumps and chilled toes as they touch… View Post