Winter Mornings

These cold winter mornings, oh how they look so pretty when you’re snuggled up in bed all toasty warm. But most days we can’t lay around daydreaming and, actually, we need to get up. But, oh, what an effort it can be! Throwing back the blankets invites goose bumps and chilled toes as they touch the floor, not nice at all after a night spent curled up beneath the downy duvet, feather pillows puffed all around.

You may have already guessed, but I’m not a morning person at the best of times – so when it’s below freezing I’m even less likely to hop out of bed with a cheer. For me, the heating needs to come on half an hour before my alarm sounds, my slippers are ready for me to slide my feet into, and a thick top or dressing gown is to hand before I’ve even stood up out of bed. Are you the same?

I do love winter but getting up is really, honestly, not easy at all. And so straight into a hot shower I go, and after that it’s the quickest rub down you’ve ever seen with a gigantic bath sheet, and then I’m straight into my camisole, which is tucked into my pants (oh the glamour), so all the cosy under-layers are on before I’ve even decided what to wear. They’re my incubation, my second skin, the only way I can cope.

On freezing days though, getting dressed is actually really easy – there are no decisions to be made. Big, puffy jackets or coats (I have two down-filled coats; one short from Zara, one long from The North Face, both with faux fur lined hoods) are a must, and how brilliant is this fashion-forward H&M coat? The oversize collar, the longer length, the cocoon shape… so amazing for feeling like you never left the safety of your bed at all. It also comes in red, and blue, I think, and actually, this season I’d love it in every colour (worn back off the shoulders, a la Balenciaga), but for longevity, the black – as always – is my favourite. Sadly, these colours are only now available in stores but you can buy the new dusky green hue online. Teamed with my cashmere jumper (best winter purchase ever), thick warm leggings, and these sheepskin lined (GENIUS) Supergas, and I’m snug as a bug in a rug. Throw in an Uppercup from The Flame Tree Café, filled with a flat white or hot chocolate, and life out of bed isn’t quite as bad as I initially thought.


I’m Wearing: coat, H&M; jumper, John Lewis; leggings, M&S; trainers, Superga; sunglasses, Spex Pistols.

Images: Kris Miller.

Location: Broughty Ferry, Dundee.


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  1. Bisous 12th December 2017 / 09:54

    I’m definitely not a morning person as well. Specially during winter. Though I have to admit there is something magical in early mornings when it’s cold..
    By the way, I am freezing just looking at your bare ankles! I could never do that 😀

    Have a lovely Tuesday! Christmas is almost here 🙂

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