Come with me to the Trinny London studio

Ever wondered what it’s like at the Trinny London studio? Well, I visited last week with my mum during a last-minute trip to London, and it was the most uplifting experience! To be clear, our appointment was covered as a gifted / pr experience and, as always, I only cover the services, products, and places I genuinely enjoy. I use Trinny London make every day and have done since 2017, so you be assured I’m a genuine mega fan of the brand!

We started our day by heading to The Ivy Chelsea Garden for breakfast which, as well as an omelette and smoked salmon with rye bread, included a couple of glasses of fizz! Well, we were kind of on holiday. Afterwards, we walked along the King’s Road, window shopping at some of the most gorgeous places like ME+EM, Rixo, Trotter’s, Anthropologie, BA&SH… the list goes on! We had a coffee and shared a passionfruit merginue pie, before finding our way to the studio on the colourful Burnsall Street, which is lined with houses and flats in pretty pinks, blues and yellow.

On arrival at Trinny London HQ, we were met by a bright yellow door, immediately setting the tone for a happy and positive energy. We chatted to Jemima and Hannah from the Trinny London comms and production teams, who did a bit of filming during our visit. Lucy and Karina were our makeup artists, who we met after a wee browse of the samples in the foyer, and they showed us to our seats to begin.

We started with a chat about skincare, what we use, any allergies, etc, as well as our makeup preferences while enjoying our third glass of fizz of the day! Oops. Then we moved onto a cleanse with Be Your Best and prepping our skin with Bounce Back moisturiser, both are staples in my own bathroom.

Karina colour matched me for BFF SPF and BFF Destress, as well as BFF Eye (one of my favourite products), and she showed me how to most effectively use bronzer after I confessed I just slap it on all over, especially in the summer months! Karina said to focus on the high points of the face and blend upwards, which I’ve captured in my Instagram video, and then she explained that a touch of highlighter will subtly lift the brow and cheek bones.

Next was the really fun part – the colours! We chose a smokey eye in golden browns, using one of my existing colours (Empress) as a starting point and adding some golden sheen with a new colour for me, Victory. We went for berry hues for lips and cheeks because I just love that sort of colourway at this time of year. I was so excited to try Honor, a Lip Glow I’ve been longing to try since it launched ages ago! It’s as gorgeous as I imagined and is now a firm favourite that will undoubtedly be replaced once it runs out. The great thing about Trinny London T pots is that they last for months and months, I’ve had some for over a year which is great value for money.

We finished with Lash2Brow in Chocolate on my brows, which don’t need much but a little of upward brushing goes a long way, and the black mascara elongated my long but fair lashes. I’ve listed all the products and colours at the bottom of this post.

To our surprise we had a visit from Trinny herself, who chatted to us about Scotland, and her experience in Dundee when she worked on a programme with ITV years ago. We also spoke about her recent trip to Australia with some of the Trinny London team, which she said was full-on but so worth the time and energy to make the connection with thousands of women in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. That’s what I love about Trinny London, the community of women that it’s created, spearheaded by Trinny and her unparalleled energy.

If you’re interested in Trinny London makeup and haven’t tried it, a visit to the studio is a brilliant way to find out more about the skincare and makeup directly from the people who know the products best. It’s also a brilliant way to discover which products are best suited to your skin and which shades will work with your skin, hair and eye colours. And even if you know the brand well, it’s actually a super fun way to spend an hour or so, being pampered and treated like the queens we all are! I just love the energy of Trinny London and the people behind the company.

Let me know if you decide to book an appointment, or if you’re planning a visit to one of the counters – there’s a brand new one in the iconic Liberty London now too, just in time for Christmas.

What we used:
Be Your Best cleanser
Bounce Back moisturiser
BFF SPF30 in Medium
BFF Destress in Binky
BFF Eye in Rhianna
Golden Glow bronzer in Gaia
The Right Light highlighter in Candlelight
Eye2Eye eyeshadows in Harmony, Victory, Empress and Faith
Lip Glow lip gloss in Honor
Lip2Cheek blusher / lips in Lady J
Lash2Brown in Chocolate
We also used the Trinny London brushes

I’m sorry I didn’t take a close up of our makeup – we were too busy having fun!

Thank you to the Trinny London team for arranging and hosting mum and me for a visit.


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