Freshening up our hallway

Our hallway has needed freshening up for many years, but as one of the smallest spaces in the house it’s been low on the priority list.

However, when we decided to refloor the downstairs we knew we had to address the hallway situation. The before picture is actually very much an inbetween picture; by the time I thought to take a photo we’d already made a start to the space.


First we pulled up the old carpet, which left us with the old laminate flooring that was there when we bought the house in 2008. If you want to see this old flooring, check out this post. This did help to open up the hallway, but it felt colder so we knew it couldn’t stay like that for long.

Next, we moved the old radiator from the wall under the stairs to the opposite, longer wall. My plan is to get a radiator cover so we can enjoy a couple of photos, a candle, maybe a vase of fresh flowers now and then. Of course, moving the radiator left a huge eyesore on the wall under the stairs which can be seen in the before picture.

The paintwork in the hallway has been the same for around ten years and, needless to say, I’ve no idea what the paint is other than the brand, Valspar. We aren’t likely to repaint the hall anytime soon because our kids are still young and have NO IDEA about wet coats, shoes and mud flying everywhere when they come charging through the front door. Not to mention our beloved border collie, Jake, whose wet tail regularly swooshes across the walls leaving a lovely brush of mud in its wake.


But, we still had to find a fix for the bare section… Enter this Laura Ashley wallpaper in a sage green floral print, which you can see is still damp as we had just pasted it on! At £48 a roll it wasn’t exactly cheap, but we didn’t need much to fill in this gap so it felt like a fun and practical option. I think it’s perfect, and even Kris loves the ditzy print which seems to have added depth and warmth to what was a fairly uninspired space before.


Last, but certainly not least, the flooring. If you read this blog post you’ll already know how in love we are with our new engineered oak flooring, and the fact that it seamlessly goes through into the hallway with no joins is just the best! The dark colour works really well with the green paintwork and the new wallpaper, and the wide planks seem to make the space look and feel bigger. Like the rest of the downstairs, the new underlay and flooring seem to make the house warmer, and with the addition of a jute runner (not pictured, for the sake of showing off the floor), it feels homely.


In just a few changes, our hallway is now more considered, more cared for, and prettier than it ever has been. Of course, this brings great joy to a home bird like me… which only leads me to wonder, what can we do next?

(Hint: The stairs! They’re still covered with the awful carpet that we pulled up off the hallway! I’m thinking about stripping back to the floorboards, sanding and staining them, and finishing with a runner? Leave your thoughts in the comments!)

Before / During

Flooring by The Wooden Floor Store, paid for with a media discount.

Flooring laid by AFM Property Management.

Radiators removed and fitted by CJM Gas.


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