Come with us on family a minibreak to Archerfield

After a hectic few months that started with Kittie’s birthday, peaked with Christmas and New Year holidays, then continued on to Nathan’s birthday, it was time for a break.


Archerfield is a luxury leisure and golf desination located around 20 miles south east of Edinburgh, and a short drive from the seaside town of North Berwick. It’s known for its spectacular golf courses, luxurious spa and wide range of accommodation making it ideal for couples, families, or friends hoping for a few dyas of quiet luxury.

We were invited to enjoy a media stay in one of the self catering lodges, of which there are three and four bedroom options. We’ve stayed here before, when Nathan was just a baby, so we were excited to be able to return, this time with both kids old enough to enjoy the stay too.


The self catering lodges are huge, yet they fit seamlessly into the rural surroundings thanks to the wooden exterior and beautiful gardens surrounding them. It’s quiet here, aside from the birds and the odd car softly driving by, and the lodges are just a five minute walk from the spa, and another few minutes to the clubhouse.

At Archerfield, you’re also within walking distance to Yellowcraig beach, and a ten minute car journey to the nearby town, North Berwick, which is home to independent shops filled with art, ceramics and fashion right through to sandwiches and ice creams, ideal for a picnic on the beach. There are also pubs and chain restaurants too, so it’s a great spot for families who want to experience a local town while having the comforts of home for any pre-teens or teenagers they might have with them. Going back to the Archerfield lodge after a typically Scottish afternoon on North Berwick beach was like going home; it was warm and cosy, with all the amenities to cater to everyone’s needs – a glass of cava for Kris and me, a hot chocolate for the kids, even a dog towel, chew and bed for Jake.


If the view alone isn’t enough to convince anyone to stay here (a large balcony looks out over the golf course and countryside, with furniture for dining or enjoying a drink al fresco) then the inside will seal the deal.  The lodges are decorated traditionally, somewhere between Scottish and English country houses; the toughness of the wooden structure, plaid fabrics and dark furniture in the living space was perfectly juxtaposed by chintzy fabrics, pretty paintwork and delicate lamps and cushions in the bedrooms. It was everything a lodge in the country should be – traditional and cosy – with the convenience of being a home-from-home with the Nespresso machine, numerous ovens, three bathrooms and a laundry room.


As much as we enjoyed catering for ourselves in the lodge (having a spacious and clutter-free kitchen put the joy back into cooking), we ate at the Clubhouse restaurant on our first evening, mostly for ease. The service was excellent, and the champagne served just as it should be, in an ice-cold glass with ice-cold champagne bubbling away quietly in a tall stemmed glass. The food too was incredible; a Thai curry for the adults and kids’ meals that exceeded expectations based on any other kids’ menu we’ve experienced before. The food was piping hot, fresh, and tasty, and it was clear that the chefs took pride in their work. By the time we got back to the lodge, we were all happy with full tummies and a glow to our cheeks from the stroll home.

The next day, Kris and I enjoyed a treatment at the popular Fletcher’s Cottage Spa. Of course, we had to go separately, so while one enjoyed spa-time, the other took the kids exploring. I didn’t stray too far from the lodge, taking the kids round the grounds to look at the pond / lake and spot the snowdrops amongst the trees, marvelling at the mansion house and finding secret spots, like the hole in the stone wall which led to a little bridge, taking us back to the lodge in time for some lunch before we all headed to North Berwick beach for some more fun, all of us together.

I’ll be honest, though, I was delighted when it was time to return for my spa appointment, and as I got changed Kris gathered the kids and dog for another trip to the nearby beach Yellowcraig, for a spot of cricket.


One of the most relaxing, chilled out yet utterly gorgeous spas I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, Fletcher’s Cottage Spa has been designed with skill and attention to detail by acclaimed designer Sian Parry Jones, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year.

The layout is simple, there are enormous individual changing rooms which are essentially a large bathroom to yourself with a loo, shower, hair styling tools, deodorants, etc, and a locker for your things. The spa itself is clean, without feeling clinical – it’s very much a place to relax and unwind while feeling totally at home, with an eclectic mix of furnishings that reflect the holistic approach to wellbeing.

Even when it’s busy, it doesn’t feel overwhelming, and the staff do well to make everyone feel at ease, welcome and taken care of. It really is heaven, and there are teas, flavoured waters, juices and smoothies available along with magazines – and no judgemental side-eyes if you take your phone out.


I started my treatment with a piping hot bath in one of the bath huts located in the garden. I was there to try out the new VOYA treatment, so the bath began with VOYA products which I used in the bath, and to cleanse my face with. Soft music played while the fire roared, and though I’m not big on baths, fancy ones I’m okay with – and this felt fancy. It’s a really lovely way to begin your treatment; you feel clean and refreshed, cosy and relaxed.

Afterwards, I enjoyed the spa surroundings (the lavender sauna, the interior magazines, a lemon water) and was then invited by Tonya to the treatment room. Tonya gave my feet a soak while telling me all about what to expect.

If you’re new to YOYA, they’re a leading global lifestyle brand which promotes sustainable, organic luxury. They’re Irish and inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and the ancient Irish tradition of seaweed bathing – they have a really interesting founding story for those interested in finding out more.

I was invited to experience the new Odyssea package, which is brand new to Fletcher’s Cottage Spa. It includes the bath hut, a facial, and a back, neck and shoulder massage, finishing with the choice of a scalp, foot or hand massage – I chose my feet, since I’m on them a lot but rarely thing to pamper them! It also includes a VOYA sleep spray to take home… their products are gorgeous.

By the time my treatment was finished I could feel myself gently (I hope, for Tonya’s sake) snoring… my body and mind were empty of feeling and thought, completely relaxed and revelling in the care that someone else had given me. It feels so self indulgent, without any guilt that can often come with taking time for yourself.


I have no hesitation in recommending any part of Archerfield. From the clubhouse dinner to the spa and lodge, we had the best time, and experiencing all that Archerfield is, well, it’s just the beginning, because the outdoors and local area have so much to offer guests, which makes it ideal for many different groups or types of holidaymakers. It’s private, quiet, secluded, with plenty on its doorstep as well as being an ideal base to explore the east of Scotland.

There is plenty of information on the website but I encourage you to call Archerfield too, as they sometimes have offline offers and packages available.

We were invited to Archerfield as media guests – to be entirely transparent, the luxury lodge and spa were complimentary, while the dinner was paid for by us. Huge thanks to Archerfield for having us. 


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