The Simple Life

Lockdown is taking its toll on us all. I’ve been speaking to so many people who are experiencing mood swings, from one hour to the next sometimes, myself included. However, it seems we are all guilty of pushing our feelings aside  – we’re not suffering enough on the pain scale so our emotions are not valid. But they are. There’s no use denying them because emotions don’t just go away. And, right now, we are living an entirely new life during a worldwide health pandemic that is affecting us all in very different ways. So if we feel sad, it’s okay. If we feel happy, that’s okay too. Whatever we’re feeling – it’s okay.

At times, everything seems very scary. People won’t go near each other, they’re wearing masks and gloves, we aren’t allowed to see our family and friends. Life has been completely turned upside down and at times we long for our life Before Coronavirus. We miss brunches and nights out, shopping trips with friends, spa days and the gym. We miss the anticipation of summer holidays and year-round city breaks and all the excitement that comes with immersing ourselves in a new culture or a favourite place.

But there’s also something quite reassuring in how neighbourly we’ve become despite social distancing and lockdown. We’re checking on the elderly, we’re baking bread for neighbours, we’re spending time – real time – with our kids or our parents, we’re home cooking again (with the odd take away being delivered, purely to support local, you know). We’re reading more, we’re saying less. We’re embracing the outdoors, taking joy in the morning bird song which is no longer drowned out by exhausts and buzzing train tracks. We’re cycling, we’re running, we’re walking.

Lockdown and coronavirus frighten the hell out of me (for obvious reasons). Covid-19 has stopped us in our tracks, literally, but it has also very seriously put things into perspective. Of course, I absolutely want the pain and suffering to end but I also really, really hope that the effects are not forgotten.

Meantime, let’s embrace the simple life while we have it.

I’m wearing:

dress, Zara
belt, Zara
necklace, Nell & Digby
trainers, Superga

Kittie is wearing:

vintage dress, which my mum and I both wore as babies
shoes, Clark’s

Nathan is wearing:

shirt, Matalan
shorts, Next
trainers, Ralph Lauren

Kris is wearing:

t-shirt, Tesco
shorts, Fat Face
shoes, I don’t know

Location: Dawson Park, Dundee.


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  1. Sandi 16th May 2020 / 10:45

    So true everything you say in your blog. Let’s just hope when we come out the other end that we have all learnt the lesson of what is important in life.

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