The Simple Life

Lockdown is taking its toll on us all. I’ve been speaking to so many people who are experiencing mood swings, from one hour to the next sometimes, myself included. However, it seems we are all guilty of pushing our feelings aside  – we’re not suffering enough on the pain scale so our emotions are not… View Post

Wear the dress

This avenue of Cherry Blossom trees has become a bit of a Dundee tourist attraction over the past few years. In fact, even the locals flock to Dawson Park mid-May just to catch a glimpse of the path lined with pink, for family photos and pure enjoyment. I’m one of those people, but I go… View Post

Cherry Blossom Love

What is it about cherry blossom? Each spring, the blossom blooms and with it comes a breath of fresh air after a long, dark winter. A plethora of photographs follow swiftly behind (the cherry blossom never lasts long enough), and though each is a slightly different shade of pink, the pictures are equally as pretty… View Post

Rose Tinted

Living life through rose tinted (or, indeed, cherry tinted) glasses is sometimes just what we need. The prettier view holds off the reality of life which can be seen all too clearly through transparent vision, an outlook that is often too bright and too stark for us to bear. With life comes sorrow and heartache,… View Post

Beautiful Moments

Every year throughout April and May, I wait with bated breath for this beautiful avenue of cherry blossoms to bloom. Last week the pink finally burst into the green of the park to create an explosion of colour, so we decided to shoot this look while we had the opportunity – though this is one of the… View Post