Lockdown birthday

Lockdown birthday was, for me, one of the most wonderful days – helped by the fact that restrictions were eased in such a way that I was able to hug my mum for the first time in three months. A reminder that the simple life really is the best life.

The day started with a yummy breakfast, lovely presents, a family walk, and that first cuddle with mum. The day finished with me ending up quite tipsy with my friends in the garden after a lovely afternoon filled with sunshine, champagne and birthday cake with my godparents. Kris cooked me a delicious burger for dinner and didn’t let me lift a finger all day, even surprising me with my friends coming round to visit. It’s ages since I felt so relaxed for so many hours.

This birthday bouquet of peonies (15 to be exact) was the icing on the cake, so to speak. I mean, just look at them. Funny thing was, while Kris was paying for them Nathan desperately needed a poo and proceeded to drop his pants on the doorstep of the florist’s shop… safe to say, I was glad I wasn’t there! Despite the drama, the flowers arrived home safely and are sitting pretty in the living room, a gorgeous reminder of the day I turned 38.

The greys, on the other hand, are a stark reminder that I turned 38 during a three-month lockdown… hopefully the peonies are enough of a distraction.

Flowers, Turriff’s Garden Centre and Cafe.


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  1. Barbara 24th June 2020 / 22:52

    I enjoyed your birthday very much! The hugs first and then watching you relax and enjoy yourself.

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