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When the Trinny London team reached out to me at the start of the year to invite me to be part of their latest product launch, the excitement levels went straight to 100 – you know I love Trinny London products. The makeup is so easy to use and the skincare is incredibly impressive. So to say I was delighted to be asked to collaborate on the launch of The Elevator would be an understatement.

It was well time actually because it was about then that I’d started to notice light rings forming around my neck. I wasn’t bothered by them, but when I learned that The Elevator’s job was to address lines and skin around the neck and décoletté, it seemed a good pairing. For me, the neck and décoletté are an afterthought of my daily skincare routine, but they deserve as much care and attention as I give my face – and, particularly with a product that is designed specifically for that area. You can see my journey with The Elevator on Instagram in Part 1 and Part 2. The before and after photos are below, so keep scrolling if you don’t want to read everything!

Do you know that the neck and décoletté age at a much quicker rate than our faces? I had no idea! This means, like me earlier this year, it can sometimes feel like you’ve hit fast-forward overnight.

When I asked Trinny about the difference between the skin on the face and the skin on the neck and décoletté during one of her Instagram lives, she replied:

“The face has more elastin underneath skin, the neck doesn’t. There are less glands which means less oil. So oil keeps our skin looking plump, when it’s drier it looks older. Also, the neck has to hold – up 10 to 12 kg of head – and we’re also seeing ‘tech neck’.

“We’re using ingredients that work better on the neck – Japanese plant extract that can act like glue between the layers of the skin, stops the slackening of the skin, and we have tightening of the jaw line as well. People using it [The Elevator] consistently are really impressed.”

I used The Elevator sample before it launched, for around eight weeks – and I agree, it does work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve the texture of the skin. I’m 42 this year and I noticed the skin on my neck and décoletté looked brighter, clearer, and smoother – less rough, if that makes sense – and the ‘rings’ seemed less obvious to me.

So exactly what does this neck product do? Well, the literature explains that The Elevator has a 360-degree targeted approach and has been created with ‘cohesion technology’ which acts as the glue restoring the dermis and epidermis, using phyto extract and supercharged peptides. It’s clinically proven to ease the appearance of lines, lift and firm the skin, and address ‘age’ spots, as well as actually prevent the internal and external factors that lead to premature ageing. Oh, and it’s even suitable for sensitive skin, which is something I have to consider when trying new products.

I used The Elevator morning and night consistently for eight weeks, and saw a visible improvement in the fine lines on my neck and in the texture of my skin. The rich balmy texture was a joy to add as the final step in my skin routine, and the product lasted around another four weeks. I’d say I got about three months of consistent use, using around two pumps morning and night.

How did The Elevator neck and décoletté cream fit into my Trinny London skincare routine?

  • Cleanser – Be Your Best is a gentle balm cleanser that smells like a spa and works a treat to remove makeup and clean the skin with a refreshing hot flannel.
  • Serum – Plump Up is a hyaluronic acid and peptide serum which really improves and brightens the appearance of my skin with regular use. I’ve used more affordable alternatives but, so far, nothing has delivered like this one.
  • Moisturise – Bounce Back is a light but substantial moisturiser which glides over my skin and absorbs quickly, great for people short on time but who love the ritual of a luxury product.
  • The Elevator, which I apply across my entire neck and décoletté in an upward massaging motion to cover the entire area in the rich, balmy cream that leaves a silky finish.
    SPF / BFF SPF30 to protect and even out my complexion with a light, dewy finish.

Who do I think would love The Elevator? People who are really concerned about the skin on their neck and décoletté; people who love skincare and exploring new products; people who are Trinny London skincare converts and want to add a final step into their routine either as prevention or helping aging skin to look its best without resorting to tweakments or surgery.

It’s one of those products that are worth investing in – for me, skincare that addresses specific issues (eg for the neck, or products like Vitamins A and C) needs to be a higher-end product with proper research and solid ingredients to see results, whereas budgeting on more affordable products, for me, would be cleansers, moisturisers and SPFs.

Does your skincare extend to the neck and décoletté already, or is The Elevator something you’ll try? Let me know in the comments!



The Trinny London team provided me with PR samples of their products, including The Elevator, in return for two Instagram Reels and two sets of Instagram Stories to include information and application of The Elevator and before and after photos. This blog post wasn’t part of the deliverables but I thought it would be helpful for anyone who wanted to know more.


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