Beauty Busters: The Yogi Hair Wand

So I decided a while ago I would do a weekly beauty product review on The Daydreamer, but have just never got around to do it! So, after much procrastination, here is my first review – The Yogi Hair Wand.
The Yogi Hair Wand (left) is a really easy to use styling tool – the end with the cord swivels so that you don’t struggle to move the wand around your head, and this really makes life a hell of a lot easier when reaching those hard areas at the back. The on/off switch is simply that – an on/off switch, no fancy dials or heat temperatures and although the wand goes super hot, it doesn’t seem to singe or burn my (already dry) hair. I love the black and white zebra print version, which comes with it’s own heat protective mat and glove, so no burnt dressing tables or hands! Using the wand is easy; hold the handle and point it downwards, take a piece of hair (thicker parts make for looser curls) and wind it down the wand, hold for a few seconds, and release! Voila! A gorgeous curl. The only thing I have to keep in mind is to not wind my hair too tightly, or hold for too long, because this creates a ringlet and I much prefer a larger, looser curl. But that’s down to my own technique – the wand itself is really a very good hair styling tool and I would honestly recommend it to any woman who likes to create either loose or tight curls.
Above: my first try with the Yogi Hair Wand – result!
With thanks to Rebecca at Karen Berman Consultancy.
Yogi Hair Wand image courtesy of Karen Berman Consultancy.

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