Window Shopper

Harvey  Nichols has gone a step ahead in the window dressing stakes. Their London store has been inspired by the AW10 trend for understated classics, as illustrated in collections by Stella McCartney and Céline. The point is to celebrate mundane items that are so embedded into day-to-day life that sometimes we don’t even notice them anymore – Harvey Nichols want us to remember the true beauty and design worth of such objects.
The props used in the display are every day items, such as a tree, and this is constructed by smaller items, such as pencils, using natural colour tones, hints of yellow and orange.
Janet Wardley, Head of Visual Display at the prestigious store, says, “Harvey Nichols have used the current trend ‘classics’ and turned it on its head to transform mundane objects into works of art!…expect the unexpected…”
You’ll be surprised at how dull objects are transformed into something much more exciting. So if you didn’t already have an excuse to visit Harvey Nicks already, you do now!

Man and sofa made of books
Ferrari made of tiny horses
Dress made of wooden clothes pegs
Tree made of pencils
All images courtesy of Harvey Nichols

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