Since I turned 30 (five years ago) I’ve definitely become more inclined to choose comfort over discomfort when it comes to style – I simply can’t be bothered to make life more difficult for the sake of fashion. I mean, we work hard enough as it is! (Although, when it comes to a night out with the girls or dinner with le husband, I will always choose high heels.)

After I turned the big 3-0 I started to realise that there was more to life than rushing across town in vertiginous heels, only to arrive late, stressed and sweaty. Why did I put myself through it when I could wear nice flats (I prefer a quilted ballet pump or patent loafer) and instead be on time, stress free and composed? I did this once in Paris in my late twenties. It was the last day of fashion week, and I had an important appointment with a luxury handbag designer in a suite at the Four Seasons. It was October, yet the sun shone at a pleasant twenty degrees – however, being autumn, I’d worn opaque tights, a boucle wool coat and heeled boots. Despite having been told it was walk-able from my hotel, it wasn’t walk-able in those bloody shoes. So, I arrived at the Four Seasons Paris in a sticky hot mess and couldn’t take my coat off thanks to the sweat patch running down my back and seeping through my top. So terribly unglamorous, but a lesson learned and probably the turning point in my sartorial priorities.

Naturally this new way of life has intensified since becoming a new mum. I’m lucky if I manage to brush my hair some mornings, let alone take the time to choose which shoes will work best with which blazer. Yes, I still like to take pride in my appearance as much as possible by applying a bit of make up and getting dressed in something other than athleisure, but I want it to be easy because my mind is on everything but style right now.

This jumpsuit is a great example of easy-to-wear style. It was sent to me by Great Plains last summer and I’ve worn it almost to death. It’s one of those pieces that I don’t know if I could live without, and I dread the day it dies a death. It’s super light, super comfy, and feels flattering. And IT HAS POCKETS. All hail the skirt/dress/jumpsuit with pockets.

The great thing about a jumpsuit is that you can bend over and squat down without worrying about accidentally revealing too much, and there’s no chance that an unexpected gusty breeze will throw your modesty to the wind. Really, the only downside to a jumpsuit is that you have to pretty much fully undress in order to go to the loo, but I can cope because they are just so easy to wear. Honestly, I just grab this off the hanger and slip it on.

And it works for any occasion. I wore it to brunch in these photos, with my new Castaner espadrilles (the comfiest shoes ever) and FURLA handbag from Bicester Village. It’s so easy to wear that it even looked great with my Supergas, which I changed into for a walk along the beach with le pram and le pooch. I’ve also worn it to a garden party with nude suede heels, and it would work for a wedding with the right hat and strappy sandals. It’s just wonderful and if Great Plains ever did another one similar, I’d buy it in a heartbeat because it makes me feel good without having to think about it.

And that is exactly what we need when life gets busy.

I’m Wearing: jumpsuit, Great Plains; bag, FURLA at Bicester Village; shoes, Castaner at Net-a-Porter; sunglasses, Nicole Farhi at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh.

Location: Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

Images: Kris Miller.


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  1. Kate 29th August 2017 / 16:10

    Can you recommend a patent loafer? I’ve been searching for a good one but don’t want to spend hundreds!

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