Homemade pizzas

This post is in collaboration with The Giddy Goose, who provided me with two free pizza boxes in exchange for social media coverage.

There are many variations of people’s experiences with lockdown. Some are learning a new language, some gardens are more manicured than ever, some are getting fitter by the day – but some are missing loved ones who are working the frontline, some are trying to battle health conditions, some face anxiety every day, some are grieving family and friends. And some have a blend of both the good and the bad, on whatever level that might be.

My family and I are in a very fortunate position in relation to health, jobs, and private outdoor space. We have absolutely no doubts about how fortunate we are and, for that reason, we do our best not to complain about things. That said, there are down days to go with our up days and, on those harder days, we have accepted that we can’t do it all. We can’t always tick off every single task on the to-do list. There are times when something has to give – some days it’s exercise, some days it’s emails, some days it’s cooking, but more often than not, there is something that isn’t done. So, timing and convenience have become huge lockdown factors in our household – being efficient with our time and making things as convenient as possible. When timing and convenience collide, the world aligns.

These pizzas are a perfect example. Fresh ingredients arrive at your door in a pizza box (delivered by The Giddy Goose) with a set of simple instructions. for you to throw together and bake a homemade pizza in 20 minutes. Five minutes to make it (a great way to spend time with the rest of your household, or provide something different to do if you live alone) and around 12 minutes to cook it. You could spend longer on the creating of the pizza (it’s really great fun and you can create your perfect pizza without making special requests to a change a menu) but if timing is an issue (eg hungry brood) then five minutes is all it takes to stretch out the dough, spread the sauce, and layer the toppings.

The Giddy Goose is a Dundee restaurant that has been proactive since the start of lockdown (they’ve been doing deliveries for months now). They’ve created these brilliant Dough It Yourself pizza boxes, and each one comes with two homemade pizza doughs (which can be used straight away or kept in the fridge for later, and are vegan friendly), a marinara sauce, mozarella (or vegan cheese), a beef tomato, fresh basil, and toppings (we received a pepper and pepperoni for one, plain cheese for the other), with a set of simple instructions.

We had great fun getting Nathan involved in making his margherita pizza, and Kittie even spread her own dairy-free cheese on hers. Kris and I stuck with one spicy pizza and on the other we threw on bits already in our fridge, such as mushrooms, red onion and olives. Let me assure you, there were only a few slices leftover, which the kids the next day for lunch in the garden, while we had our last slice with a big leafy salad and avocado.

If you too need life to be that little bit easier some days, or if you feel like a treat but without the guilt, then you will love this. It’s great fun and yummy, and makes plenty. A margherita pizza box is £9.95 and a spicy pepperoni is £12.50. Or, just do it properly and get two boxes for £18.95.

Thank you to The Giddy Goose for the gift – find out more and contact them via Instagram.


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