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Muireann Carey-Campbell (pronounced ‘Mirren’) is a writer based in the North of England – her blog, Bangs and a Bun, is a witty and funny place where Muireann regularly gives her readers her opinion (and boy, does she have an opinion!) on all sorts of things from style and beauty to old boyfriends chatting her up on Facebook to hilarious advice columns. She’s sassy (a favourite saying is, “Bitch, please!” – my kinda gal) and stylish and isn’t afraid to bombard her Twitter followers with updates about her bus travels, hair styles and pictures of “lazy” girls in UGG boots. Muireann hates UGGs, and hates leggings – put them together in her presence and she’ll bitch slap you from here to Dior, where you can pick up a nice pencil skirt and and heels instead.

A Cyberminute With…Bangs and a Bun a.k.a. Muireann Carey-Campbell

TD: Favourite flavour of ice cream?

BAAB: I’m a sucker for Haagen Dazs Cookies and Cream.

TD: What would be your dream career in another life?
BAAB: I’d be a flapper in the 20s – does that count as a career? I don’t know, but they looked good and seemed to have a lot of fun.

TD: Who or what inspires you?
BAAB: Interesting, passionate people and old movies (I can’t get enough of the style, class, the way they spoke – everything. And don’t even get me started on my love of musicals). But really, everything around me, overheard conversations, eye contact with a stranger, dinner with my family – inspiration for me, comes in all sorts of small moments.

TD: Your ultimate indulgence?
BAAB: Peanut butter. Not very glamorous, I know, but you cannot leave me alone with a jar of peanut butter. I can and will eat the whole thing. Straight from the jar. With my fingers. You’re not gonna tell anyone that, right? I mean, it’s our little secret? *ahem*.
(TD: Sorry Muireann, too juicy not to share!).

TD: What should readers of The Daydreamer do or see if visiting your hometown?
BAAB: Well I kinda feel like I have a few ‘hometowns’ because I’ve lived all over, so I’ll give you ones from the places I’ve lived most recently. If you’re in Leeds, you should go to The Reliance to eat and go to Hyde Park corner to browse the vintage shops. If you’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), you should go to Joanne David Accessories for all the coolest jewellery and handbags and go to Spring Garden public gardens – they’re beautiful. If you’re in Toronto, go for a bike ride along the waterfront and go to Propaganda (a very cool gift shop) on Yonge St.

With thanks to Muireann for being a great sport for The Daydreamer.


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