Beauty Busters: Kiss Ever Easy False Lashes

I asked my friend Stephanie to review these amazing lashes by Kiss, which come with a red string attached which allows you to apply the lashes precisely, at the base of the lashes – the strings simply pull away once you have them in place, and voila! Easy, quick application of some seriously dramatic false lashes.
Here’s Steph’s review of the Kiss lashes:
“One word… FABULOUS! I normally spend hours going through many pairs of false lashes simply to get the fiddly things on without them flapping around, and I always end up giving in to a smaller, more manageable pair. But the strings on these Kiss Ever Easy lashes allowed me to see exactly what I was doing and get right up close to my lashline so that the lashes were applied perfectly straight and felt secure. Kiss lashes are effective, practical and easy to use. And for a diva like me, I need big, I need bad and I need fast!”
I think it’s safe to say that Stephanie was pleased with the results of the Kiss lashes!

Above: Kiss lashes; Steph applying her Kiss Ever Easy lashes with the red string; the gorgeous Stephanie wearing her amazing Kiss false lashes. Get yours here for £6.50.


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