Beauty Busters: Fake Bake’s 60 Minute Self Tan Liquid

If you know me, you’ll know that my favourite fake tan is Fake Bake. So far, nothing else comes close – not to the believable colour, not to the colour guide, not to the application, not to the vast range of products that actually work. However, I’ve always had an issue with how Fake Bake smells – until now. 

As a loyal fan of the Fake Bake original lotion in summer and the Fake Bake mousse in winter (lotion gives a darker tan, if you ask me), I was excited to learn that Fake Bake had a product which didn’t require an overnight application and – wait for it – smells of COCONUT! Coconut, I tell you. This is very good news to me, because I refuse to use anything other than Fake Bake but the smell really is an issue. But the 60 Minutes Self Tan Liquidsmells like holidays. This is great, because that’s when you usually catch a tan. Make sense!

The product name might sound very serious, but it’s actually not – like the rest of the Fake Bake products, it’s super easy to apply. Simply pop on the black gloves and soft pink mitt (they come with the product) and spray the liquid directly on to the mitt. Apply the lotion to the skin in small, circular motions, all the time moving upwards. The famous Fake Bake colour guide helps to know exactly where you’ve applied the tan, so you have absolutely no reason to worry about streaks. The 60 Minutes Self Tan is self-explanatory, but I’ll give the lowdown anyway: once you’ve applied the tan, leave it on for just 60 minutes while you do other things and let the tan develop. All it takes is an hour! So there’s no need to panic when you get a last minute invitation to dinner – just make sure they give you an hour. (You don’t even need the full hour – I did it in 45 minutes and the tan was fab). 

I am by far a morning person, and yet I applied the 60 Minutes Self Tan on Thursday morning before work – that’s how easy it is. Tonight, I popped round to my mum’s (she’s very judgemental about fake tan colour) and she certified Fake Bake as The Best Tan Ever by saying, “Wow, that really is a great colour.” If Mummy Daydreamer says it’s a good one, it must be. 

     Before                                                                                         After

Fake Bake 60 Minutes Self Tan is £24.95 and worth every penny!


Did you know that Fake Bake has launched their Real Women Fake It competition? Six lucky winners (one to match each signature tan) will get the opportunity to front Fake Bake’s new season campaign! Check the Fake Bake Real Women Campaign Facebook page for details.


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