Beauty Busters: Eyelash Extensions

Around three weeks ago, I have eyelash extensions applied by the delightful Ashley Dunsmore. Ashley is currently studying at university, but a few years ago trained as an eyelash technician and now runs a home service part-time, during her studies.
Ashey is a lovely girl and a bit of a perfectionist – which makes her extremely good at applying the 50 individual lashes to each eye! She uses only silk eyelashes, of which she lays one individual lash on top of one natural lash with a professional glue. The false lash will last as long as the growth of the natural lash – e.g. once the natural lash grows and falls out, the false lash will fall out too. (One point to note is that you lose lashes more quickly from which ever side you sleep on because of the pillow against your face). The lash extensions should last between 4 and 6 weeks. I’m almost four weeks in and the lashes still look good, however, I’ve lost a few more from my left eye than my right, and I think that in another week or so I really need to get infills done to avoid the spidery effect.
The application took around 2 hours – this is a long time, however, Ashley applies around 20 extra lashes to each eye in comparison to salons, and as I said before, she’s a perfectionist and wants your lashes to be just right.
First, Ashley tapes your lower lashes down so that the glue doesn’t stick both lash lines together. She then removes any excess eye make up (you should not be wearing mascara, but she’ll take off any foundation/cover up) and then asks you to close your eyes while she applies the lashes. This is a lengthy process, but worthwhile. Once she had finished the application, I was really impressed with end result: the lashes are really long and thick, and although they do look a bit obvious, the adhesive and overall effect is very natural – no black strip like you find on the temporary false lashes.
My favourite thing about the lash extensions is that there is no need to apply mascara (but you can do if you want to) so the amount of time I save in the morning is incredible – no curling, no mascara, no poking myself in the eye with the mascara wand because, hello, it’s only 7 a.m. I also wake up looking bright eyed and this is always a good thing, and for evenings out things are so much easier and quicker and I feel much lower maintenance!
Here are some before and after pictures below, along with Ashley’s email address if you would like to get in touch with her to make an enquiry or appointment. Initial lash extensions are £45 and take around two hours, while infills are £20 and take around an hour.
 Above: Before. (Excuse the tape!)

Above: After – clearly a much longer lash, with the length gradually increasing towards the outer lashes.
Contact Ashley at this email address: [email protected]

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