Beauty Busters: CoolSculpting

I’m constantly in Wedding/Honeymoon mode when it comes to beauty products at the moment. With the big day just two weeks away, I’m slightly obsessed with fitting into the most important dress of my life, and making a good impression on my new hubby when it’s time to hit the beach on honeymoon.
Cue CoolSculpting™, the latest fat busting treatment available at the Tracey Bell Clinics, which you can find at Fake Bake’s Hair and Beauty Boutiques in Glasgow and Manchester. The procedure freezes stubborn fats without damaging the skin (perhaps a good option before considering lipo!) and it breaks down fat cells by cooling them down so that they shrink, allowing your natural metabolism to kick in and kick the fat out.
The treatment is a short one – you can have it done on your lunch break – and it is claimed that results can be seen within the first six weeks with a 20-40% fat reduction in as little as three weeks. The treatments start from a staggering £800 per session, however – this is a fraction of the cost of any surgical procedures that might seem tempting ahead of swimsuit season.
If you can, engage in a spot of Tracey Bell’s CoolSculpting™ followed by a generous application of Fake Bake tan and you’ll be beach ready in no time. For those who need the body beautiful on a budget, why not invest in a tube of Lipo Bronze Self Tan with LipoCare for just £20.50 – it’s a cellulite buster and self tan in one!
Image courtesy of Next/PR Shots.   


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