Beauty Busters: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

The gorgeous girls at Clinique recently sent me their new High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara in black and I’m telling you, this is the mascara for anyone who needs length and volume for their lashes. Despite having dark hair, my lashes are quite fair so I like to use a black mascara to enhance the colour and this mascara really does add length – the colour sticks to the entire lash, taking your natural lash to its best length potential! The brush is quite thin (I usually prefer a thick brush) but it separates lashes nicely, leaving no clumps and taking the mascara right to the roots and tips of the lashes.
The mascara does brilliantly when it comes to adding volume – the consistency of the product is thick and retains the thickness when applied to the lashes. Despite being thick, the product is smooth, not coarse, and thanks to that thin brush, there is no stickiness or clumping or lashes sticking together. It really is a rather perfect mascara, and I would recommend this highly for anyone looking for a new mascara, or just wants long, full looking lashes. Just one down side – it’s quite difficult to remove, even with make up remover. That said, it’s probably the reason my lashes looks so blooming good!
Beauty rating? 9.5 out of 10.
RRP: £17.
With thanks to Clinique.

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