Beauty Busters: Carolina Herrera 212 VIP

People, it’s party time! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, probably the biggest party night of the year and have I found the perfect party product for you! Carolina Herrera 212 VIP for men and women.
I first noticed 212 VIP with the TV ad campaign featuring Spanish male model, Jon Kortajarena Redruello and Natasa Vojnovic who are clearly the party VIPS, while other less important people try desperately to get into the party. My friend Stevie is forever singing the song by Marcos Dos Santos, Not on the Guest List. It’s the perfect party song, for the perfect party ad. The ad says, “Wear 212 VIP and you can get in to any party.” Quite an accolade, but after 30 years in fashion as one of the most adored designers, Carolina Herrera knows how to get (and keep) people interested. 212 VIP is a fragrance that encourages both men and women to enjoy themselves with friends, be flirty and most importantly, have an insane amount of fun!  
The fragrance for women contains musk so is quite alluring, quite sexy (it’s the smoky eye of perfumes) while the men’s fragrance contains notes of vodka and caviar – a powerful combination for sure. 
Tomorrow, spritz your 212 VIP and get ready to party like Jon and Natasa.


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