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Here we are, at the end of Monday, after a wonderful long weekend to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. For me personally, it was a much needed lifting of the spirits, not just to have that extra day or two off but to really feel a sense of joy with social events and the incredible atmosphere felt through the TV coverage. While watching, I felt a real sense of pride in our country – it’s by no means perfect, but Britain has survived so much in the years that Queen Elizabeth has reigned, everyone rallying together through the hard times and the good.

In today’s world, it feels like we’ve reached a point of no return in some ways. In between all the awful things happening in the UK and across the globe (with some horrific world-events taking place during the jubilee itself), it might be taken as insensitive and elitist to carry on with the Platinum Jubilee parties. But the Queen is one of the few women in the world with any real power or influence and to me that’s not something to be forgotten about in he midst of a world where women’s rights appear to be going back in time in some respects.

The celebrations have been a welcome break from the depressing and harrowing news that fills our timelines, feeds, and the lives of many. I’m under no illusion – I know the monarch isn’t modern, or fair – but, for now, it is what it is. The Queen has been a constant source of encouragement on my periphery for as long as I can remember and, oddly, I find comfort in that. So, with countless others, I celebrated her incredible dedication to her country and to her people. There aren’t many who give up their life for a duty they were born into.

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  1. Mrs Barbara Lindsay 12th June 2022 / 15:22

    Personally I celebrated with relish the wonderful stability our Queen has given us. I did not think of much else over the weekend and just enjoyed the coming together of everyone in a common celebration. We, the UK do these things so well I can’t understand why anyone who lives here isn’t proud of us as a people and a country. The Platinum Jubilee (Platty Jube!!) was an enormous lift to most peoples spirits.

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