Bobbi Brown Professional Make Up

As someone who doesn’t tend to wear a lot of make up, I can really relate to Bobbi Brown, a brand that would rather enhance the face you have over creating an entirely new look, to make you feel the best version of you. So when I was invited to have my make up done at… View Post

Charlotte Tilbury

I thought I’d give you a quick run through of the Charlotte Tilbury products I was given a few weeks ago, after my transformation at House of Fraser in Glasgow. Any woman who loves to treat herself will love Charlotte Tilbury, but it’s women who support other women that will truly enjoy being part of… View Post

Empowering Women

Dolce Vita by Charlotte Tilbury Sometimes life can be overwhelming. The pressure to achieve, both in the workplace and at home is relentless. The demand on us to deliver at work seems higher than ever (gone are the days of a job well done, now it’s all about budgets and targets), and there’s an expectation… View Post

Listerine Advanced White

For over two weeks I tried Listerine’s Advanced White multi-action mouthwash, which claims to be “the most effective whitening mouthwash” compared to market leaders. I don’t disbelieve this, however, my teeth aren’t noticeably whiter after religiously using it morning and night. That said, as with most Listerine products, my teeth did feel cleaner and my… View Post


I tie my hair up almost every day, mostly because I would rather sleep for an extra ten minutes in the morning than style my hair, but also because I don’t like to use too much heat – being naturally curly, my hair is dry enough without the added stress of heated appliances on a… View Post