I tie my hair up almost every day, mostly because I would rather sleep for an extra ten minutes in the morning than style my hair, but also because I don’t like to use too much heat – being naturally curly, my hair is dry enough without the added stress of heated appliances on a daily basis. However, tying your hair up every day comes with its own risks – I sometimes get headaches and often worry about hair breakage.

Enter, the invisibobble, a coiled band created for tying hair up safely. It comes in all sorts of colours, from hot pink to black, so you can make a statement or keep it subtle. Before I tell you what I think of the invisibobble, I’ll start with the story behind the product.

The idea came to Sophie Twede in 2011 during her first year at university, when she was wearing her hair up all the time because a) she was studying in the library and couldn’t see her textbooks and b) she was on a night out with her friends and was too hot. Of course, because she was always tying her hair up, Sophie suffered from headaches every morning and was fed up of the annoying kink in her hair. One night, Sophie was getting ready for a ‘bad taste’ party and, looking around for something she could use in her hair, she laid eyes on the old unused phone on the dorm wall. She unplugged it, and used the phone cord to tie up her hair to finish her party look. The next morning Sophie woke up feeling rather different; her hair was still in place, but she didn’t have a headache and – when she uncoiled the phone cord – the kink in her hair was less obvious than usual. Fast forward 18 months, and the invisibobble was born.

The invisibobble is made from a smooth material so it doesn’t tug or pull your hair, avoiding breakage and split ends (thanks to its completely smooth surface, you can just pull it straight out of your hair snag free – no, really), and is compatible with all hair types. It’s anti-allergenic (useful if, like me, you always have a hair bobble around one wrist), and doesn’t cause headaches, despite its ability to maintain a strong hold. You can also use it to create up-dos and the hair can be tucked back in to the invisibobble to disguise it – you can view YouTube tutorials to find out how – and, impressively, it doesn’t leave a kink in your hair. So you can wash, tie up, pull down, and go!

The whole concept is so simple and yet so effective. Sophie is a modern-day genius – a girl who obviously likes to have fun but who is also smart, she’s a great example of what can be achieved when you believe in your ideas. She’s created a beauty product that really does make life that little bit easier for people all over the world – for just £3.75 for a pack of three.

Overall, the invisibobble is a really cool design that actually works, meeting the needs of women (and men) everywhere. I must admit I’m not too keen on the bright colours, so I’ll probably stick to the black or clear invisibobbles, but this is definitely one of my favourite beauty tools that I discovered in 2015. 5/5.


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