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As someone who doesn’t tend to wear a lot of make up, I can really relate to Bobbi Brown, a brand that would rather enhance the face you have over creating an entirely new look, to make you feel the best version of you. So when I was invited to have my make up done at the new Bobbi Brown counter in Debenhams (which looks amazing by the way), I was excited to see how a professional would make me up in a way that didn’t look over the top. Before I reveal my photo of – and verdict on – the professional look (scroll down) I’m going to share my thoughts on some of the products, which I’ve been using myself at home for the past week.


I would never think of Bobbi Brown for skincare, but I learned they have an entire range of products unbeknownst to me. Where have I been living?

Brand new is the Remedies collection with three different products (Skin Reviver, Skin Moisture and Skin Fortifier). I haven’t used these at home yet, but as my skin is a bit dehydrated I was given an application of the Skin Moisture Solution Remedy intense rehydration concentrate, along with the Winkle Remedy, before I had my make up done, and both products felt great. Once I’ve used the Remedies collection at home I’ll update you via my social media channels, asap.

The Vitamin Enriched Face Base is gorgeous, it smells all zesty and orange-y and feels incredibly nourishing. I would definitely recommend it as a great moisturiser for day or night; it’s a great canvas for make up, but I’ll be using it as a night cream and sticking to Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream for day.


Yvonne used the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation (SPF40, the highest SPF I’ve found in a foundation so far) which was quite sheer and dewy, just what I like in a foundation. However, foundations that contain SPF can leave skin looking shiny, so Yvonne also used the award winning Foundation Stick to create a more matte finish, and conceal more prominent blemishes (such as sun damage and the redness around my nose).

I’ve used both foundations at home and though I prefer the texture of the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation, it comes with a dropper so can be a little messy! What I love about the Foundation Stick is that I can carry it around with me to touch up problem areas without risking splatters on my clothes or getting it all over my hands. It’s a win-win; liquid foundation at home, and keep the stick in my bag for re-application.


The Concealer (right) is intended to be used after the Colour Corrector (left), which was selected according to my skin tone. I’m not sure how much the corrector actually helps, but I did like the concealer which, again, gave really good coverage. The only downside is that it felt and looked a little waxy, making me quite aware of it on the delicate skin around the eye. I’ll probably save this for events, nights out or mornings after the night before (though they are few and far between these days, unless the night before involves cuddles with bubs). It’s worth noting that these two products come as a duo too, so if you want both it’s cheaper to buy the two-in-one.


The Bronzing Powder is amazing, little wonder it’s a Bobbi best seller! I’ve been using Benefit’s Hoola for years and years because it’s the only matte, non shimmer bronzer I’ve found and loved – so this is the first time I’ve tried another in a long time. Compared to Hoola, it’s a much more natural hue (well, it is called Natural). The brush holds tight on to the product, so it needs a good dusting off before applying, but it provides really subtle sculpting, which can be built up for a deeper glow.


I always, always use a cream blusher. I find them easy to use and they give a prettier, more youthful finish than powders, which can often sit on the skin and catch the tiny, downy hairs on my face. The thing is though, I struggle to find a cream blusher in the right colour; I have a raspberry pink which is sometimes a little too ‘dolly’; I have a terracotta which is a little too ‘tango’; and I have a peach which is a little too ‘meh’.

The Pot Rouge (for lips and cheeks) is the most gorgeous plummy pink shade with a hint of brown, which stops it being too rich in pigment and – as Bobbi always manages to do – gives it a really authentic colour. I’ve been smudging it on to my cheeks using my fingers, the warmth of which helps to ease the product along my cheekbone (always start from beneath the centre of the eye).


The Eye Shadow is a light powder that applies really easily – there’s very little chance of making a mistake with it because the pigment builds up gradually. So you can either go for a really natural look or totally dial it up for that sexy, smokey eye that never goes out of style. It’s also nice for lining the lower lashes for a bit of oomph without the harshness of a pencil liner.


I love a fat mascara brush and Bobbi’s doesn’t disappoint! The Smokey Eye Mascara is quite fine in texture, but the chunky brush applies it in layers, which catch all the fine little lashes and really fans them out to give a sophisticated look without any clumping. It’s perfect for day time, as there’s no flaking, and I think it would work well over false lashes thanks to its sheer consistency and length enhancing qualities.


Yvonne asked me what I usually wear, so I explained that I don’t like to look as though I’m wearing a lot of make up; usually a light foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer and mascara. So we agreed that a day time look would work best for me.

I did love the make up, but personally would have preferred it to be taken down a notch – the foundation was far too heavy, to the point that I could feel it on my skin, and see it in the creases – I actually couldn’t wait to take it off!

The eyeshadow was a really understated, chic brown, so great for wearing during the day. Personally, I found the shading in the crease came up a little high, but overall I liked it. My eyebrows were shaped beautifully, but were much too dark for a day look, and the light coat of mascara was just right for the natural look I had in mind. Sadly, I thought my lashes looked a bit lost under my heavy brows.

Even though I explained that I never, ever wear lipstick, Yvonne applied it anyway. It was a beautiful colour which I loved, but I simply don’t wear lippy and would have been happier and more comfortable with just the gorgeous lip balm she applied beforehand.

I loved the overall look but would have been happier had it been applied with a lighter hand, with real life in mind. However, Yvonne is a professional and even though she’s using simple, classic products and colours, she works like a pro in the sense that she’s considering photographs and flashes. She really created a natural look, enhancing my own features, but made sure that it that wouldn’t budge! With this in mind, I think this make up would be perfect for a bride or bridesmaid. It was just a bit too much for nipping out to do the weekly shop or heading to a meeting, but not quite enough for a night on the town.

As I said earlier, I’ve been using – and LOVING – a lot of the products, which I received in the post last week. I love that I can apply them using just my fingers, which I find gives a natural, more youthful finish – and saves loads of time too!

My three top products? The Vitamin Enriched Face Base, the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation, and the Pot Rouge.

With thanks to Bobbi Brown.

The new Bobbi Brown counter at Debenhams in Dundee is now open, within the Beauty Hall.

The products used for the professional look were: Moisture Remedy, Hydrating Eye Cream, Vitamin Enriched Face Base, Wrinkle Treatment Remedy and Soothing Balm, Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 (Warm Beige), Foundation Stick (Warm Beige), Corrector (Light Bisque), Concealer (Warm Beige), Nude Finishing Powder (Buff), Bronzing Powder (Natural), Pot Rouge (Powder Pink), Lip Balm, Lip Colour (Blue Raspberry), Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil (Espresso), Shadow Stick (Cream), All Over Shadow (Nude Beach), Crease Shadow (Cocoa), Eye Kajal Liner (Black Coffee), Smokey Eye Mascara (Black).


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