Solid Foundations

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day, so choosing a dress is always a massive task. Can you imagine the pressure Kate Middleton must be under on the run up to her big day? She’s marrying a prince for crying out loud! A prince! She’s going to be an actual princess and with the billions of people watching her walk up the very public aisle, she probably feels an insane amount of pressure to look the part of a real princess (not the Jordan kind). I think Kate’s dress will be understated, perhaps a column or with a slight fishtail. I also think there will be lace, maybe across the shoulder and decolletage. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen is the favourite to design Princess Catherine’s dress, but I think Erdem would be perfect for her. Although a little bird tells me he is hosting a brunch tomorrow in the East End… Whoever and whatever Kate chooses, she will be beautiful.
A bride’s dress should reflect the her personality and enhance her natural beauty; a flattering shape, a perfect fit, and should always have a supporting role, never a lead role. To this end, the dress should also have its own support, and lingerie plays a key behind-the-scenes part in providing a smooth silhouette. Every bride should have a perfect foundation for her perfect dress. When choosing lingerie, your body/basque/bra should look pretty and delicate, but equally, it has a job to do and structure and dependability are important factors when dressing for your big day. Often in life and love, all we need is a solid foundation – whether we’re marrying a prince or not.





From top to bottom, left to right: 10 Years of Reger by Janet Reger; Bravissimo; Bravissimo, Charnos; Debenhams; Marks & Spencer; Myla (bridal); Simpy Yours.


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