Snow Day

The snow day. It’s that elusive moment in time when the dull Scottish sky transforms into an enormous heavy cloud that looks set to burst. Snowflakes appear one by one, slowly at first then faster, and thicker, until finally the world is almost blindingly-bright with the reflection of the powdery white landscape.

You’d think we’d see weather like this frequently in Scotland but, actually, no. That’s possibly why it’s so exciting when the snow does fall, more than a dusting I mean.

With the novelty of snow comes the novelty of dressing for the snow. I thought white jeans might be overkill with the rest of this outfit – a more consistent winter snowfall would absolutely warrant a full winter-white look (I’m seeing chic après-ski scenes from House of Gucci) but, this time, it would have appeared entirely over-excited on my part.

So, instead I kept my cool (ha) and chose a classic blue denim jean to break up the ecru coat, cream knit, woollen hat (knitted by my godmother for my kids who, for some reason, refuse to wear it), and white hiking boots. It seemed slightly less forced than if I’d gone with white jeans. What do you think? And what’s your go-to snow day outfit?

I’m wearing

Hat, knitted by my aunt
Jumper, Hobbs (pr gift, current season)
Jeans, Baukjen (pr gift, previous project, similar here)
Coat, Phase Eight (pr gift, previous project)
Boots, Jones Bootmaker (pr gift, current season)

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