Sezane: is the coveted French brand worth the price tag?

Having admired Sezane from afar for years, I finally took the leap and placed an order last week. I wanted to share this here on the blog because one thing that held me back from buying from Sezane was the price point. Not quite high street, not quite designer, Sezane’s pieces range from around £40 for a t-shirt to £100 upwards for blouses, knitwear, dresses and jeans, with handbags and boots usually hitting £200 plus.

As someone who has developed more intentional and considered shopping habits over the past few years, I’m happy to pay a higher price for something special. The thing is though, for me, special no longer means frivolous but, rather, quite the opposite – everything in my wardrobe should feel special. I want pieces that I absolutely love and will cherish for years, whether it’s a pair of black linen trousers or a incredible party dress. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the higher price points are a consideration but they’re not a barrier. However, I do want to know what I’m paying for beyond the superb luxe-boho style and cool-French-girl vibe that Sezane has perfected.

With Sezane, I understand that a major part of the cost mirrors the quality assurance and the company’s commitment to sustainability. They’re B-corp certified, which is the official stamp of a globally recognised non-profit organisation who’s mission is to change the economic system to balance profit with purpose. So, basically Sezane has undergone intensive analysis to make sure they’re meeting high standards in social and environmental performance, transparency and a legal commitment to being accountable to stakeholders as well as shareholders.

Personally, as a fashion lover who’s increasingly against fast fashion as the go-to way to shop, being B-corp certified is worth a lot. I’m happy to pay a premium for a brand that is ethical and mindful when it comes to the planet, its people, and the environment. You can find out more about Sezane’s commitment to sustainability on the website.

So this, teamed with their beautifully made clothes (I can confirm from the pieces in my order that the clothes are indeed beautiful and well made) means I get why the prices are higher than some popular high street retailers. However, I have to say that I do think there is a bit of overpricing going on – I think that a big part of the price tag is down to brand marketing and although it’s annoying, I get it. That said, what’s more annoying is when you find something you love and contains acrylic or polyester… I simply won’t buy it, no matter how much I like the design or styling or brand. I especially don’t want to pay £100 or more for acrylic or polyester, even if it is a recycled version. Just no, for a few reasons. Overall though, I think Sezane’s general approach to materials is positive (good fabrics, responsible sourcing) and this is also reflected in the price.

So, why did I finally place the order? Well, I felt like I was getting a two-for-one deal when I saw Sezane was collaborating with another of my much-coveted brands, Sea New York. How could I resist the magic of two of my most desired labels creating a collection together?

What did I think of my order? You can watch my try-on videos on Instagram here and here, and I genuinely loved everything, including the dress and jacket for Kittie. At £900 though, I couldn’t keep much of it. I could have sized down in the top and dress, the jeans were true to size, and if the jumpsuit had fit me properly I’d likely have kept it – a size 14 lower and 12 upper means that this little beauty will have to be returned as neither size fitted well. If it had, I doubt I’d have been able to give it up. And now that I’ve caught it, I doubt I’ll be able to give up the Sezane bug either… I might keep the top because, well, you can never go wrong with the ‘jeans-and-a-nice-top’ combo, right?

If you haven’t yet placed an order with Sezane, I hope this post has been helpful. If you have, consider me a new addition to your cool-girl gang and send me all the things on your wishlist – if nothing else, it’s fun window shopping on such a jaw-droppingly good site!

I’m wearing the Edwige jumpsuit in the Dalhia print, £160 by Sezane x Sea New York.


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  1. Claire 16th February 2023 / 19:12

    I love this jumpsuit – it’s such a shame that the fit wasn’t great on you. I didn’t realise about Sezane’s ethical credentials so I’ll have to check them out if they are ever in my price point.

    Claire | G is for Gingers

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