Mellow yellow

With every morning that passes, I wake to a colder house. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s time to say goodbye to the summer and knowing that those long nights with their indigo skies will soon turn pitch black is a sweet sorrow. The hopefulness and adventure of summertime never feels to me like it’s reached its full potential, and accepting it’s time for something else isn’t easy.

And yet there’s little I love more than getting home to a warm home with its lights glowing in the darkness, waiting for life to be breathed into the house with people and animal. Perhaps rather creepily, I enjoy seeing this happening for other people too, usually as I walk by their houses with the dog. Couples cooking together in kitchens, kids play fighting on sofas, cats upon windowsills stretching their backs upwards in a furry arch… that feeling of love, home and safety is more precious than we ever realise when we’re living the moment and I am reminded of my own good fortune when I see other people’s.

To appreciate these little autumn treasures, my favourite season – summer – has to make her unwanted departure. She’ll be back, I know, and with her will come sun-kissed skin, laughter, and pretty summer dresses once more – but I still long for her before she’s even left the scene.

I’m wearing

Dress, Albaray
Shoes, Jones Bootmaker (pr gift)
Basket, borrowed from my mother-in-law


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