Halloween dinosaur costumes

Halloween has never really been a thing for us as a couple – we didn’t go to parties, we didn’t dress up, at most we might watch a scary movie. But, of course, children love it and being parents means we have to put ourselves second. So Halloween it is.

As much as we want to give our kids the best experiences and adventures that we can, we also don’t want to buy into the commercial aspect of every single ‘holiday’ going. As a compromise, we asked Nathan what he wanted to be for Halloween and when he said a dinosaur (a diplodocus to be precise), I searched for a dinosaur hat online and bought them some green clothes. Ta da! Halloween outfits that can be worn for every day too. A little face paint and the babies were delighted with their costumes.

How do you feel about Halloween?

He’s wearing: tracksuit, Next; trainers, New Balance.
She’s wearing: dress, Next; tights, Next; shoes, Clark’s. 

Hats, knitted by my fairy godmother using an Etsy pattern. Nathan’s tail was made with the excess wool – I just unraveled the ball of wool, plaited it and velcro’d it to his trousers.


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