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As a new mum (I still can’t quite believe I have a baby), you might not be surprised to know that I’m suffering a little from lack of sleep. It’s not terrible; NCM sleeps really well and, quite honestly, I felt more tired at the end of my pregnancy when I was up 5-7 times a night for the loo but still had to get up and go to work. That said, although I’ve landed lucky with a good sleeper, I also have an inflammatory condition which means I need to get plenty of sleep or I end up very run down. And, let’s face it, little or broken sleep isn’t good for anyone.

Cue, Clinique’s new Pep-Start range, which is intended to perk up even the most tired of skin by removing impurities (such as dead skin cells and excess oil) for a smooth finish and radiant glow. I was given the eye cream and hydrorush moisturiser with SPF20 to try out. SPF is something that’s super important to me these days – if a moisturiser doesn’t contain sun protection I’ll apply Clinique’s SPF Face Cream or Target Stick over the top to make sure my skin is safe from harmful UV rays and pollution.

The Pep-Start moisturiser is very similar in texture to the Superdefense moisturiser, which you might know from the Clinique range. It’s what I normally use in the morning and I have been for around three years now. Like Superdefense, Pep-Start is a thick white cream, but it is particularly good at absorbing into the skin to leave a flawless canvas for your make up, meaning there’s little need for a primer. This is ace-cakes for two reasons: 1. It’s cheaper and 2. It’s quicker.

What I like most about this face cream though is that it moisturises without being oily or greasy – my skin is well nourished but, thankfully, it isn’t left looking shiny. It helps to prep the skin for any type of make up, from a really light BB/CC cream to a full coverage foundation. Plus, there’s no real need for primers or brushes/sponges (unless you want to use them) because Pep-Start does a really good job of aiding the application quickly and easily, allowing you to use your fingers for a natural, dewy finish.

What’s more, it doesn’t have much of a fragrance so people who have sensitive skin are likely to get on well with this moisturiser. It’s also great for anyone who, like me, slaps their moisturiser on in a hurry. I’m not a morning person (well, I wasn’t until eight weeks ago) so I’m usually running late, and therefore my morning routine is generally a rushed affair. Inevitably, this means I’m forever getting moituriser in my eyes, which irritates them for the rest of the day. With Pep-Start, even if I slip up in the application, there’s no risk of the dreaded nippy, watery eyes because it’s such a simple, straightforward product.


As for the Pep-Start eye cream, well, it’s a new favourite. Again, I usually apply the Superdefense eye cream morning and night, but Pep-Start might replace it in my bathroom cabinet. Why? Because it boasts the consistency of an eye serum and has a nifty little de-puffing circular tip on the tube, which can be used to massage the cream into the delicate eye area. Yes, it looks like an eye cream, but it applies like silk, reminding me of expensive, luxury serums – but at only twenty quid, it’s a bargain in comparison.

The serum-like qualities of the Pep-Start eye cream mean my eyes instantly look brighter (not easy to achieve in my current circumstance), giving a more youthful look (important, as I’m swiftly approaching 35 and can no longer simply wash my face and go). Again, my make up goes on really well after I use this product – no risk of cakey concealer sitting visibly in my fine lines. The only downside to the Pep-Start eye cream is that it doesn’t contain SPF. But it’s intended to be used alongside the SPF-based Pep-Start moisturiser, so we can probably forgive Clinique on this front.


Clinique Pep-Start hydrorush moisturiser with SPF20, £24.50

Clinique Pep-Start eye cream, £22

If you spend more than £40 at Clinique right now you’ll receive 3 eye product samples, including the Pep-Start eye cream – simply apply the discount code EYES at the check out. 


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