Citizens of Humanity – the jeans of dreams

As someone whose jeans collection is close to hitting 20 pairs, it might be safe to assume that I’ve never truly found the perfect pair. My jeans collection is varied – there are some Ralph Lauren and Dr Denim in there, a bit of New Look and Next (gifted). There’s GAP, Debenhams, Baukjen (gifted), and more recently, Zara. My jeans range from £7 to £100, and the most worn are probably all of my Topshops at around £40 each.

I’ve never paid more than £45 for a pair. I think I’ve always been scared to spend a lot because I’ve been let down by jeans so often in life (by the fit) – the thought of dropping a few hundred quid fills me with fear and guilt. But, actually, it might be more sensible to ‘invest’ in them because I wear jeans about 60% of the time I’m dressed. Surely it’s worth spending more in order to spend less, over time? I must have lost hundreds over the years on jeans that have ended up in charity shops because I wasn’t ever really happy with them – something I’ve learned is that there’s no point in buying a pair of jeans and saying ‘oh they’ll be fine with a belt’ or ‘I’ll just wear them with a loose top’. Your favourite jeans should feel like wearing your favourite PJs but with the added bonus of making you look and feel incredible. I have about three pairs that achieve that level of satisfaction. Three, out of twenty.

I’m lucky that I have a second job that involves writing about nice things like fashion and beauty for both print and digital publications, including this blog. I approached Citizens of Humanity, a luxury denim company, for an image for a magazine feature and mentioned my blog – they offered to gift me a pair of jeans, so I took them up on their offer and the Demy cropped flare arrived just a few days later.

These jeans are on a whole other level compared to the ones I have already. They feel soft – so soft – and they just slid up and over my hips. There was no jean-wiggle-jump going on, I just slipped right in and let me assure you that never happens. The waist comes up fairly high and it sits flush against the small of my back but snug on my bum – no sagging to make up for the smaller waist, and no baggy waist to allow for a tighter leg. They’re part of the brand’s Premium Vintage collection and they fit like a glove. I feel amazing in them and I want to wear them all the time because they are SO SOFT and yet I feel like they’re lifting and shaping me in the most comfortable, natural way. I’m not sure how they’re engineered but the designers/manufacturers need some sort of award.

Yes, at £240, they are expensive – but isn’t it smarter (economically and environmentally) to have one or two pairs of jeans you totally love and feel great in, rather than five pairs that are just okay and will probably be replaced in a year’s time? The maths might look scary up front, but in time the Citizens of Humanity purchase will pay off.

I’m wearing the Demy jeans in Wren (gifted) by Citizens of Humanity in a size 31 – buy them here (affiliate link). 

Dress, Zara sale a few years ago; sunglasses, ASOS; necklaces, gifts.


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