A caffeine fix at Mitchell’s

Three months into being Kittie’s mum means the ‘fourth trimester’ is officially over. Which also means that, technically, less coffee should be required – but I type this after two cappuccinos at Mitchell’s in Broughty Ferry. *eye roll emoji*

If it weren’t for sleep deprivation, having a new baby wouldn’t be half as difficult as it can be. Lack of sleep equals heightened emotions (which, post birth, are mental anyway), less tolerance (and therefore irritation occurs more quickly and more frequently), and simple things like exercise and eating well are harder to maintain. Or even start.

At three months old, Kittie isn’t sleeping through the night yet. She gets up around 3am for a feed and then 6am or 7am. I can’t help but compare her to Nathan, who slept from 7pm until 7am (with a dream feed at 10.30pm) from 10 weeks old. Comparing the two isn’t good as it only makes me more irritated and it isn’t fair to Kittie, who’s actually a really good baby. But I’m tired. The husband is tired. Even the dog – who usually sleeps in our bedroom – is tired, and can often be found snoozing downstairs when we get up in the morning.

So two cappuccinos at Mitchell’s are helping me through it, an extra scoop in my caffetiere at home is helping me through it, and, basically, any coffee after 1pm (which I never used to do) is helping me through it. Hopefully Kits will start to sleep through soon and I can start getting back to one coffee, maybe an extra decaf, a day.

But if not, at least I can get out and enjoy my caffeine fix at Mitchell’s, and pretend like I’m not a walking zombie fuelled by cappuccinos.


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  1. B. Lindsay 4th February 2019 / 20:49

    Good piece of writing, always here.

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