Beauty Staples


We all have a few favourite beauty products that we simply can’t live without, don’t we? For some, it’s a favourite lippy that adds the final touch to any outfit, for others it might be a signature fragrance, without which we just don’t feel dressed. My must-have list comprises a small, select group of products by the same brand – Clinique. I’ve been a fan of Clinique since I was 16 – I used to sneak through to my mum’s dressing table to swipe some of her Dramatically Different Moisturising lotion each morning. I continued to use it until I turned 30, when my skin got drier and I wanted a moisturiser with SPF. Enter, Superdefense SPF20. It’s thick and creamy but isn’t greasy, it smells amazing and it thoroughly moisturises and protects my skin. My second must-have is Repairwear Anti-Aging Make Up, a liquid foundation (with SPF15) which I use every day throughout the year. I use number 8 in winter and number 7 in summer; either way, it glides easily over the skin and doesn’t sit in my ever-deepening creases, and it’s easy to layer up – so I can have a dewy, barely-there look for daytime (or in high summer when I’ve got some colour on my face) or fuller coverage for evening and those (slowly diminishing) ‘mornings after the night before’. Last on my laminated beauty list? High Impact Extreme Volume mascara in classic black; when applied at the very root, it lifts, separates and lengthens my lashes in one fell swoop, and a second coat thickens. It really is a miracle mascara and, when teamed with my Superdefense moisturiser and Repairwear make up, I feel ready to face the world.

What are your can’t-live-without beauty products?






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