Beauty Busters: Toma Nail Polish

I’m sorry for another nail polish review so soon after the last one, but I have just discovered TOMA nail polishes and I couldn’t not share them with you! They are available at Mad Beauty, a website for nails, beauty and salon essentials. You can find lots of different undiscovered secrets here (I love the Russian Doll lipbalms) as well as the fantastic TOMA collection. 
I received three lovely samples (thanks guys!) of the new spring / summer collection; Blueberry Sorbet, Pistachio Cream and Grape Sorbet. The colours are brilliant for those who want to try out the pastels trend, without committing to a pleated maxi skirt or appliqued tunic. I’m not a pastels person (give me magenta, ruby or cobalt any day) but I have to say, I absolutely loved the uplift I got from wearing such girly, candy sweet colours on my nails. Not only is the colour selection brilliant, but the polishes are actually really good quality. The brush is slightly thinner and longer than I’m used to, so precise application is made much more easily and the polish itself is long lasting – I tested mine by washing up every day and swimming twice this week – no chips! At only £7.25 a bottle, these are really good value for money. They are fun and fashionable but excellent quality also, so the £7 mark really puts them at the top of my list. (I’m a massive fan of Nails Inc, but TOMA have an equally good selection of colours, and are that little bit more affordable when spending on trend-led colours). 
Overall, a real hidden gem of the beauty world and one I seriously recommend you discover for yourself.

Above: Grape Sorbet

Above: Pistachio Cream

Above: Blueberry Sorbet

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