Beauty Busters: Denman Be-Bop Detangling Brush

Denman has always been my brush of choice. This probably has something to do with the fact that my mum was a hairdresser and, as they proudly boast on their website, Denman is “the hairdressers’ brush” – so it’s easy to understand why Denman brushes (established in 1938, over seventy years ago!) were always around when I was growing up.
My usual brush is the classic D3 styling brush, which I use every time I blow dry my hair; the nylon pins are staggered, which means they maintain grip and tension on the hair for easier and better styling. I even have the tiny version in my drawer at work for freshening up throughout the day.
So, when Denman said they’d like me to try out their D6 detangling brush I jumped at the chance. The Denman D6 is a wet-to-dry detangler, which is available in a rainbow of shades including blue, pink, green, orange, purple and yellow (it also comes in classic black or silver). I received the sunny yellow brush and, although you can use it on dry hair, I hopped straight into the shower to try it out.
I used the D6 while I had my conditioning mask on; the soft, moulded pins ran through my hair, massaging the scalp and teasing out tangles quickly and easily – no tugging. The massaging effect was so good that I just kept brushing and – like in winter when you just can’t bring yourself to turn off the hot shower – I had to really force myself to stop brushing and get on with getting ready! (Needless to say, I don’t need any more encouragement to be late in the mornings).
Using the D6 (it’s also known as the ‘Be Bop’ brush, cute huh?) feels really, really good – invigorating, actually. Brushing your hair in the shower is a very pleasant way to wake up in the mornings but, equally, makes your head feel nice and clean before bed. Of course, it’s not just about how it feels: the benefits of massaging the scalp every day include stimulation of the hair follicle to encourage circulation and, in turn, healthy hair growth. Think of it as body brushing for the hair. I know, that’s just hair brushing – but, what I mean is, think of it as stimulating the science that lies beneath the exterior.
For £3.50, this is a product that everyone should have in their bathroom. 


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