Beauty Busters: Aveda Stress-Fix

Aveda Stress-Fix is one of the most pleasant ways to unwind; a fairly firm, thick cream, it’s great for smothering yourself with anytime you feel the need to release tension, which is all too quick to build up throughout the day. We might not realise it but we’re all guilty of causing tension in our bodies, from cradling our mobiles on our shoulder to scowling over emails and worrying needlessly about who’s going to pick up dinner. All these little worries niggle at our brains and, in turn, our bodies, but Stress-Fix helps to alleviate the tension.

Stress-Fix is, in essence, a body lotion – so, why does it help with stress, and why choose it over any other? Well, not only does it really soften and moisturise the skin, it’s absorbed really, really quickly – so it won’t stick to your clothes, as long as you leave it a couple minutes after applying. Which is the shizzle, because I particularly like using it before bedtime (read as before PJ time) and I am not a fan of the sticky pyjama. What’s more, it has a light lavender fragrance which is known for its calming properties and thus helps you to relax while carrying out the every-day routine of moisturising. 
It’s not a miracle cream though – you do need to invest in some quiet time too. That’s why I like using it later in the evening; when all the chores are done, I take a shower or bath before applying a thick layer of Stress-Fix from head to toe, massaging my arms and legs before finally sitting down to chill out with a peppermint tea or read my book in bed – it’s actually pretty easy to incorporate into your lifestyle as a bonus contribution to your health and wellbeing. You’ll feel (and smell) so good that you won’t even think about another body moisturiser!

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