A festive minibreak in Dunkeld

Last weekend we had an overnight stay at Dunkeld House Hotel, who kindly upgraded us from a family room to a suite. We always stay in the General Wades cottages because they’re dog friendly, and although we love the family room the extra space in the suite was certainly a luxury I could get used to with two kids and a dog in tow.

We love Dunkeld, it’s a beautiful part of Scotland at any time of year, but it really is special come autumn and winter – especially if it snows, a stroke of luck. We used to come to this hotel when it was a Hilton, for lunch before a long walk by the river into town with our dog before Jake. We loved it so much that when we decided to get married in Scotland, Dunkeld House Hotel was the only place that made sense, and felt right.

We try to visit regularly, though the last time we came was in 2018, for Kris’ 40th birthday, with Nathan and Jake. I was actually pregnant with Kittie at the time, so technically we were all there for the first time together then.

This trip was amazing – both kids were really good and loved the excitement of our ‘holiday bedroom’. We went swimming as soon as we arrived, ate a spot of lunch (delicious), walked to town and came back to check-in to our room. The kids were exhausted, so on went the telly – it was The Snowman, the perfect afternoon television for a December minibreak.


Dinner was excellent. I had the garden veg salad, beef, then apple cinnamon pavlova, Kris had scallops and venison, with a few spoons of my dessert. The kids at fresh fish goujons and sausages, both with fries and peas. It was all gorgeous, though we couldn’t understand why there was a £12 supplement on the estate venison. Our server was lovely and she was amazing with the kids. As a whole the hotel staff were very patient and welcoming of our young children (even when they were crawling along the carpet being cats).

The next morning we woke to snow. it was magical. The kids had a run around the balcony, leaving tiny footprints in the dusting of snow. We had breakfast, my favourite meal of the day when staying in a hotel, choosing full breakfasts and poached eggs, toast, the works. I was gutted that there was no one available to make a cappuccino, but hey, there are worse things going on in the world than me not getting my frothy coffee.

After another swim, we were all tired out – we washed up, had a walk in the snow, and headed home with full bellies and happy hearts.

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