Where Do All The Cool Kids Go?

What I would give to experience Coachella. It’s the one festival I really actually fancy. I’d start off at Coachella (weekend 1), take a week at the beach then head back for weekend 2 before taking off on a West Coast road trip, wearing a vintage dress, in a vintage convertible – hubby and puppy in tow, of course. Coachella is the festival that all the (really) cool kids go to and it seems way more stylish than the UK festivals – being California based, you’re pretty much guaranteed not to end up in a tres un-chic mud pit, which always helps in the style stakes.

It’s refreshing to see some stylish festival wear that doesn’t involve the predictable go-to outfit of denim hot pants, fringing and bikini tops.
Thanks to Style.com for the super chic festival photos.

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