The robe that will make you feel better

Yesterday we were told of new rules surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and Christmas. For many, these tighter restrictions will be devastating, at best disappointing. I am fortunate that I can still see my family but my husband’s family are in Oxford, which means we can’t be with them over Christmas or for the foreseeable future. It’s shit but it’s also not anywhere near as bad as some people’s situations.

When I feel down, I tend to wallow in a bit of self-pity by eating treats and drinking more alcohol than I probably should. Since it’s Christmas, I’m embracing the theme of over-indulgence to its full potential to make life that little bit more exciting. But, instead of my usual slob-wear, I’ve been wearing this ever-so-chic gown over my leggings/pyjamas in a bid to feel more glamorous at a time of year that would have been slightly more dressed up under normal circumstances.

The gown was sent to me as a PR sample/gift by One Hundred Stars, a small family-run business with real ethics in design and fashion. They create beautiful screen-printed pieces such as robes, kimonos and scarves inspired by their travels. Their collection is really special and not entirely expensive given the process/ethos – this one is £75. It’s a viscose and modal mix that skims the body beautifully despite the one-size-fits-all approach, and it’s generous but not overwhelming on my size 12-14 frame. Wearing it, I feel like I’m floating around the house carrying out my usual business, like one of those calm and collected women you see in interior design magazines rather than the stress-head I often feel I am. It’s an instant mood-booster, a quick way to suddenly feel in control, stylish and confident. Honestly, it’s transformative!

If you’re stuck for a last minute Christmas gift – or you simply want to treat yourself at this horrible, horrible time – may I highly recommend you take a look at the One Hundred Stars online shop for an game-changing addition to your loungewear.

I’m wearing the Magnolia Blue Gown from the One Hundred Stars collaboration with KEW Royal Botanic Garden, which was gifted to me by the brand.


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