Kitchen makeover on a budget

THE STORY What do you do when your kitchen starts falling apart, but you don’t have thousands of pounds free to replace it? Work with what you already have and get stuck in. Some background. Our kitchen was over 10 years old. It looked a bit dated, but that didn’t feel like a good enough… View Post

Bedroom makeover with Livingston Designer Outlet

In my third and final post for this partnership with Livingston Designer Outlet, we decided to show off the outlet’s interior design section – perfectly timed for me as I have genuinely been hitting ‘refresh’ on my home decor lately! I’ll be honest – most of my time spent at LDO has been in Tommy… View Post

How to change your bathroom on a budget

Unless you’re very comfortable financially, it can be tough to prioritise the luxuries in life. It’s often the case that holidays, home decor, clothing, cars, gadgets and hobbies are dictated by our bank balances and so we have to constantly decide what’s most important, and sometimes what to sacrifice. Annoying, but c’est la vie. We’ve… View Post

Ah, That’s Better

My lovely, darling husband recently bought us a marvellous new Canon. I’ve been using it constantly over the last couple of months, but was getting frustrated trying to balance all my bags, notebooks, etc, when trying to take photographs – I needed a camera strap. Obviously, I didn’t want to compromise on style – so… View Post

Nail It

Don’t you find a regular manicure works wonders for the hands? And for self-confidence I find. A bit of TLC for the nails always makes me feel so much more polished, so much more aware of my hands and the role they play when at work typing, or when in conversation or even when browsing… View Post