Ah, That’s Better

My lovely, darling husband recently bought us a marvellous new Canon. I’ve been using it constantly over the last couple of months, but was getting frustrated trying to balance all my bags, notebooks, etc, when trying to take photographs – I needed a camera strap.
Obviously, I didn’t want to compromise on style – so I looked to A Pair And a Spare for some stylish, DIY inspiration. What did I find? A DIY chain strap for cameras. So, I bought a cheap bag from Primark (£4) and ripped the chain out of the lining. Mr Man did the hard work of detaching D-rings, etc, and I threaded some pretty ribbon through the chain, which I looped through the camera where a normal strap should be attached.
A pretty, Chanel-esque, chain strap for my nice, new camera. Sorry – our nice, new camera.

All credit to A Pair And a Spare for the genius idea of making your own camera chain strap. This girl is so good, she even has a book about her DIY blogging fabulousness – DIY Fashionista. If you haven’t already, add her to your Favourites.



  1. Anonymous 23rd October 2012 / 14:07

    Fabulous! I very much approve. Nic xx

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