Stepping into autumn with Charlotte Tilbury

How tricky it can be, to find your way from glowing, dewy summer skin into something a little more autumn-ready. Personally, I always love a light finish so never use powders or particularly matte foundations, but I do like good coverage. You know how much I like Charlotte Tilbury’s make up and, as always, I find myself reaching for her products regularly.

Right now, the weather in Scotland has taken a turn from bright, warm days to darker ones, though I am still wearing some summer clothes. And despite leafing my way through September’s Vogue and gushing to myself over the new season collections, I’m not quite ready to pack away my espadrilles. But I need beauty products to reflect this – wearing summer sandals with a face full of make up just doesn’t feel right.

So I thought I’d share with you how I’m transitioning my beauty look from summer to autumn. I’ve swapped my super sheer Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation (SPF40) for Charlotte Tilbury’s heavier duty – but surprisingly weightless – Magic Foundation (SPF15 in Medium 6), though I’m still dabbing some Wonder Glow over the top to give it a bit of a summery touch.

Because the foundation is fuller coverage, I’ve been taking it easy in the bronzer/blush department and using her Beach Stick in Moon Beach. It’s the easiest dual purpose product for cheeks (and lips, actually, but I’m not so sure as it has a shimmer to it) that I’ve used; it has a lovely, 70s peachy hue which is a great colour for those end of summer days, picking up the beautiful colours of the sunset, but it also has an iridescent sheen which acts as a highlighter. It’s so easy to wear and I genuinely think it’s a colour that would suit every skin tone. It’s also really portable so, although I find it doesn’t last all day into evening, it’s handy enough to carry with me and top up if need be.

And, finally, I’m using the Dolce Vita eyeshadow quad. It’s a palette of spicy, autumnal hues with shimmer and glitter, so although it’s seen me right through the summer evenings, it’s also beautifully suited to the lower sun and shorter nights. The four different colours mean I can either play it down or dial it up depending on my mood, or the occasion.

So there you have it: my summer-to-autumn make up favourites. I really can’t tell you enough how brilliant Charlotte Tilbury’s line is, and highly recommend her products. I don’t think anyone can be disappointed, honestly I don’t – everything I’ve tried so far has surpassed expectations. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the festive season… but what’s so great about these products is that they are staples and so you can buy them all year round. To be honest, I’ll probably still be using them in December anyway!


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