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Last summer I wrote about Sleepy Doe, the sustainable British brand creating cute and practical pyjamas for women and kids. I ordered my first pair back in August with a matching pair for Kittie and I genuinely can’t get enough of them. You know how much you love your clothes when it p*sses you off because they’re in laundry? That’s how I feel about these PJs. They keep me warm, they keep me cool, they’re soft against the skin and the pretty ditzy print brings the femininity back to a classic button-down pyjama shirt. Kittie’s pair have stood up to the real test though – after months of wearing them, multiple breakfasts being thrown down the front, and wash after wash after wash, they’re still in amazing condition – no fraying, no colour fading, no shrinking.

I’m now fully on board as a Sleepy Doe customer having ordered another pair for Nathan and Kittie in the January sale, though they’ll have to wait a while to wear them – they didn’t have their current sizes so, as I often do, I ordered bigger ones so we’re stocked up. I can’t wait to see brother and sister matching in the berry Breton stripe.

I hope you like Sleepy Doe as much as I do. I’m sure you’ve seen them around; they’ve been featured by the super stylish Instagram set, including original fashion bloggers Nicole Warner and Julia Berolzheimer, as well as appearing in the shopping pages of SheerLuxe and The Sunday Times Style. In addition, they’ve created exclusive designs and prints with premium stockists like Selfridges, Anthropologie and Fortnum & Mason.

If you’ve yet to place an order I would encourage you to take the leap for a few more reasons too.

1) The product speaks for itself. These PJs are really well made, the finish is top notch, and the fit is really good. The women’s leggings only go up to a size 12 currently, so I haven’t tried them, but the button down ones I’m wearing come in a size L which fits my size 14 bottom half.
2) You’ll be supporting a small business in the UK. Sophie is a mum-of-two who, having worked in the fashion industry for years, decided to set up on her own with Sleepy Doe, which is based in Bath. Manufacturing is by independent, family run factories and businesses in the UK and Spain which support fair-pay, and flexible working.
3) It’s shopping responsibly. Sleepy Doe sources 100% organic cotton and uses non-harmful dyes, and their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum with the core range being produced in the UK.

Hopefully this explains the price point (the product, brand values, and ethics are all really, really good) but if it still feels a little high for you, look out for bargains in the sale section and sign up to their newsletter for 10% off your first order and to be notified of other discounts and offers.

I recently spoke to Sophie to find out a bit more about Sleepy Doe her personal favourites from the collection, and her plans for the future of this up-and-coming independent brand. You can read my Q&A with her at the bottom of this post.

Meantime, let me know if you decide to place an order?


I’m wearing the women’s classic PJ set in a size L. This colourway isn’t available anymore but here’s a pretty alternative with matching kids and babies.

When did you set up Sleepy Doe? In 2016/2017, a few of those years are now a blur!

Was sleepwear always the plan? The majority of my wardrobe is comfortable. Sleep and loungewear were always my specialist line to design. If it wasn’t sleepwear it would be a comfortable daywear which also goes well with my love of everyday essentials and prints. Carefully designed pyjamas but effortlessly styled, that’s what I aim for.

What are the benefits of having your own business? Not having to fill out a holiday request form?! Having your own business helps make schedules more flexible. The freedom designing and a great satisfaction in selling a product you believe in. It’s not easy but you’re constantly learning.

And the challenges? There are many hurdles to navigate from financial risks to production errors. But you can only be your best in those imperfect moments.

Highlight of Sleepy Doe journey so far? Every stockist request big or small around the world is flattering. Sleepy Doe has designed exclusives prints and pyjamas for Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, ANDO, Anthropologie and more in the pipeline. I still pinch myself.

I know the stunning Marigold is out now and is a favourite of yours – any other favourites? Marigold has brought some colour to the start of the year, it’s been a popular print but it is a one-off. (Womens, kids.) We did a little Shrimp print last year as an artist collaboration, that was cute. Clementines is a classic, although my toddler calls them Pumpkins. I’m drawn to the jersey florals but I love Gingham Mist. My kids love to match each other, I’m not organised enough at bedtime to join them.

Will you be able to offer extended sizing ranges at any time in the near future? Yes, each season we get closer to introducing more sizes and styles. We started Sleepy Doe offering sleepwear from 0-5years and now 12-13 years. It all comes at a cost from product development to engraving new patterns and size sets. But we hope to be in a position one day to offer more variety in all styles.

Would you ever do men’s? I’m not sure, with a naturally feminine style it would need to have a difference but still feel Sleepy Doe. My partner isn’t invested in pyjamas. I’m unsure if the market is as popular as it is for woman and children.

Any tips to women considering setting up their own business? Running a start-up is a testament to modern day parenting, but try and find a work/life balance that works for you and your family. Do what’s right for you and remember to celebrate the milestones along the way.

Thank you to Sophie for her time.


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