Outfit Post: Cherry Blossom x Blue Lace

Every March, my anticipation of the cherry blossom begins. I look forward to seeing the pretty pink trees come to life after a winter of darkness and, come April when they finally do start to bloom, I wait like an excited child on the lead up to Christmas for the wonder that is the cherry blossom.
Cherry Blossom Avenue (as I like to call it) is a path in Dawson Park lined with cherry blossom trees as far as the eye can see, which crossroads with another gorgeous pathway of cherry blossoms to create a frothy pink ocean of soft petals. When the sky is clear and the sun is out, all you can see is blue and pink punctuated with the green of the grass. When it’s overcast (more often than not in Scotland), the pink seems even more vibrant against the grey clouds, making the cherry blossom seem all the more magical.
For years, I’ve visited the park in spring time to enjoy the cherry blossom (and to walk the dog(s), of course) and the past couple of springs I’ve thought about doing an outfit post here. With our current love affair with all things pastel, this season seemed perfect: I took my new blue lace skirt to the park for its first outing. I teamed the blue lace with neutral shades of white, putty and blush, along with a retro pair of pink sunglasses that actually originated from my 1950s themed hen party. Pastels are a fashion to make the most of just now because – much like the beautiful cherry blossom – trends don’t last all too long. 

Top: Tesco
Skirt: Tesco
Bag: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: Dune at TK MAXX
Sunglasses: Hen party prop
Necklace: Azuni
Rings: Antique opal, family heirloom; heart ring, Jewel in St Andrews and gold plated by the talented jeweller, Jane Gowans; engagement and wedding rings. 
Bracelets: Gifts (but I think they were a set from Next)


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