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I love it when you find a rare, original piece to add to your wardrobe. When you’re on holiday and you see an exotic scarf, or a butter-soft leather sandal. I remember while I was in Australia, my boyfriend and I visited a tiny boutique that sold everything from clocks to furniture to corsages to trinkets. I found a slouchy, red leather, oversize bag, which I have cherished ever since. In my home it is known as “The Australia Bag”, and whenever someone asks where it’s from, I can see the instant disappointment when I say Australia, rather than a generic name of a chain store. This makes the bag even more precious to me, like we have a special bond because we found each other.
Similarly, discovering a new label or a designer yet to break into the mainstream is so exciting, and once they do start to find their way into the glossy nationals’ photo shoots, or onto the bodies of the celebrity-of-the-moment, you feel a sense of pride at having known about them before they were, well, famous.
So, although it pains me to do so; I have to share a secret with you: Aba Sasaako.
Aba is the founder and designer of Sasaako, which until recently, designed cushions covered in African inspired prints. Sasaako cushions are already a success, having featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle and The Sunday Times Style, but Aba has turned her hand to dresses and I am especially excited about her new venture.
Still focusing on her vivid and distinctive African prints, she now applies them to her collection of dresses. Sasaako dresses come in seven key styles, including the maxi, the shift and the prom, with quantaties of only six or less of each dress being created in order to retain the originality of the piece.
Aba says, “The limited availability is as much a part of the brand as the beautifulprints themselves. My dresses are for women who want to stand apart fromthe crowd and enjoy their individuality. I work with fabrics from my own collection, prints that I’ve acquired on my travels and have been given. Each print is special and my customers tend to be women that are looking for something unique and eye catching.”
Not only do her designs appeal to the kind of women who is conscious of the way she dresses, her business helps to make the often frivolous past-time of shopping a bit guilt-free – all of Aba’s materials and the manufacturing of garments for Sasaako are sourced via sustainable and responsible methods. Another rare find.


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