A new approach to workwear

Workwear is often prisoner to a very corporate aesthetic, with sharp tailoring and a lot of black, navy, grey and white forming the basis of a working wardrobe. To many, it’s important to appear put-together, professional and business-ready for work – but that’s not to say workwear need be boring or predictable.

I’m lucky to work in an office that houses a somewhat creative team and therefore has a fairly relaxed approach to corporate dressing. Obviously, we have to present ourselves in a manner that represents our organisation appropriately but we’re not restricted to a ‘uniform’ as such. For me, I enjoy the process of getting dressed for work and I base my outfit choice on the day’s activities and weather predictions, but I also love fashion and especially fashion that makes us feel good and, in turn, gives us confidence. Dressing for work motivates me but also – as much as I take pleasure in my job – makes going to the office more fun.

For me, planning is key. Life is busy and unless I plan my clothes for the week ahead I don’t always have fun with what I wear. Without considering my clothes, more often than not I’ll go back to the same black trousers and jumper combo – which is great, but it’s my comfort zone and, in life, we should push ourselves outside that box whenever we can, at whatever level however big or small. As much as there’s a place for the all-black outfit (usually a manic Monday morning), there’s also a place for something a little more curated. Like this blazer, which I teamed with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of faux leather trousers and trainers. The checked blazer and black trousers fit with a corporate, professional aesthetic, but the texture of the trousers adds a sense of ‘fashion’, with the t-shirt and trainers keeping the look relaxed.

Dressing for an office environment is really about finding the right balance to suit your work, your life, and your style. For instance, as much as I love fashion I can’t bear to be cold in my old age so the bare ankles are counterbalanced by the down-filled dog walking jacket, and the amount of meetings I had meant the trainers allowed me to get around easily. But I felt stylish wearing the checked blazer and leather trousers – both very current pieces due to fabrics, but equally as timeless in design. The end result? A business-ready outfit for the modern working woman.

What I’m Wearing

blazer, Debenhams
t-shirt, Next
down jacket, Elle at TK Maxx
trousers, H&M
trainers, Superga (gifted)
watch, Rotary at Livingston Designer Outlet (bought with a voucher as part of a paid project)



  1. Adele 8th March 2020 / 11:45

    I love how you’ve put a down jacket under the blazer! I’ve found that discovering my personal style has been key to putting together an outfit for work. I used to try to copy other women in the management team but always felt too grown up and silly. Now I know I need to combine my professional look with something quirky and edgy to feel like myself!

    • Christina Miller
      13th March 2020 / 12:37

      It’s the only way in this weather! I also wear it under lighter/thinner coats as sometimes I don’t want to wear the duvet coat but I still need to be warm. Totally agree about copying other women – better to admire their style, take inspiration and then find how it works for you in your own wardrobe too. Also, a quirky edge should never be hidden away! xx

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