A new approach to workwear

Workwear is often prisoner to a very corporate aesthetic, with sharp tailoring and a lot of black, navy, grey and white forming the basis of a working wardrobe. To many, it’s important to appear put-together, professional and business-ready for work – but that’s not to say workwear need be boring or predictable. I’m lucky to… View Post

Polka dot perfection

The polka dot, a classic but fun wardrobe staple. I love a good polka dot, so they feature fairly regularly in my wardrobe. They never fail to tempt me and whenever I see them, I find myself gushing, tilting my head to one side as I admire their flirty nature; they manage to look cute without being sickly sweet, especially when chic in black… View Post

Going back to work

I wrote this blog post the day before I went back to work after my maternity leave. As I write this post, I sit on the sofa with nippy, puffy eyes and a slightly fuzzy head thanks to the two large glasses of Malbec I inhaled over the last 90 minutes. Today, the day before… View Post

Wisdom While You Work

Earlier this month I attended a free workshop at Business Gateway for my role at the University of Dundee, which was all about digital marketing strategies (well worth attending should you be interested). While I was there, I met a few interesting people, one of whom (Libbla Kelly) had recently published a book called Wisdom… View Post

End of an Era

Today marks the end of an era: it’s my last day as a Personal Assistant.   It was 2008 when I first began working as a PA, but 2010 was the year that I really understood the role of being somebody’s assistant. It may look like an easy, stress-free job but in reality it’s so… View Post